So called right to fall in a nursing home.

I am 86 and my wife and I will probably be going to a ursing home someday. This so called right to fall law has us concerned. My wife's aunt fell from a wheelchair in a nursing home and broke her hip and died before it healed. This law should not be called a right to fall. No one needs a right to fall, we all fall by accident. It should be called taking away our rights to make our own decision. I don't call being strapped in a wheelchair restraints. I call it saving a person from possible injury or even death. The decision to be strapped should be made by the patient, family or caregiver, not by some law that doesn't even know the patient or know what condition they are in.

I find it odd that we have to to be strapped in a car seat for safety, but not in a wheelchair in a nursing home.


When I was young (50 years ago) I worked in what we called a nursing home. We could strap residents into their chairs for safety sake. Nowadays I work in memory care and we are not allowed to restrain the residents in any way. Apparently restraints were used abusively and so now it is not allowed at all. I agree with you, however, it should be OUR own choice. I am not sure if there is a waiver you might be able to sign but I would check. I wish you the best.

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wow. I have never heard of this law. I wonder how many others in the general public have?


My friend Google has given me a lot of information about this. Interesting. I


n any case, I'm with you DannyH.

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