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Small business support in Oklahoma City


Small business support in Oklahoma City


My hobby is making every girl a star to shine brighter and brighter. All 100% handmade with love!

I need support for small business in Oklahoma City.
I have a small business "Handmade bows for girls" since December 2021. I'm trying to sell handicrafts on all social networks, but it doesn't work. I only take losses.
I want to help my family in Ukraine, where there is a war. I thank everyone who will help me organize my business.

Thank you!

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I am really admiring what you are doing...and your motivation to help family in Ukraine!

I am generally aware of various types of assistance for small businesses... there is the federal Small Business Administration ( and various private non-profit groups such SCORE...Service Corp of Retired Executives ( Some of these may be more interested in working with smaller businesses rather than a sole proprietor.


But...! I was gratified to see on the SCORE site that they do a lot of work with very small businesses like yours. So I think this is a real possibility. They have help via their website and in-person help as well. All free or low-cost.

Perhaps your City government will offer similar services as well? Churches?

Funny thing is that there are lots of US groups that help small entrepreneurs in developing nations...but we need them to help us here as well!


Good luck!

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Adding to my first post... I see there are boutiques in Oklahoma City, perhaps you can provide them with some of your bows on consignment, see how they go.


And are you familiar with Etsy? This website provides a sales platform for many artisans with beautiful hand-made pieces. Check 'em out

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