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Retiring to another state

Hello all,

I've been retired two years now and love the days and hours. However, I am an outdoors (most of the time) person and I've noticed my retirement "uniform" many days is simply a tee shirt and gym shorts in better weather. However "better weather" doesn't exist for about four or five months in North Jersey so I am investigating a move to a warmer climate, lower taxes, ease of living well you know if you are retired these are many of our peer's indexes. How to get started?

I've gone on a few websites and am thinking simply doing a modest investigative effort and renting an Air BnB setup in a place that I think I would enjoy or at least the area. I still feel like I am throwing darts at a dart board so I welcome comments, insights, and wisdom to this conundrum. 

Thank you,


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1 comment (12/31/22) Hi @dgl310 , did you move? Any updates? Florida would be a fit for you in my opinion. I am trying to move back next year 2023. Retired and had moved to Virginia in 2015. Luv your response @hotelben101 and @nctarheel ! Thanks, Nicole 🙂

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Hi Nicole,

Florida is not a good fit for me for a variety of reasons though it does win in top polls for internal migrations in our country. In early December I visited North Carolina for a week and visited four independent/graduated care places. Two corporate and two stand alone types and deduced that they are not a good fit for me either. I attempted to be pro active in my "fourth quarter"  of life by arranging health care (we are all going to get something) and safe living quarters among my peers. Inadvertently I visited a 55 and older community nearby, got a tour and am figuring that this is the place for me. I never envisioned home ownership for me but it is an active community, that has my peers and a chance to develop community (I really don't have family per se) and get away from the cold. Plus coming from New Jersey it certainly is cheaper given my meager resources in retirement.

We shall see what 2023 brings. HappyNew Year.


There are few states that don't tax 401K withdraws.  Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and Nevada are in warm weather areas.  I'm a fan of north central Florida, Orlando area.  But a two or 3 week stay should give you a good feel for the town and area. Arrange to have a realtor show you homes, that way you'll get a personal tour. 

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North Carolina is drawing a lot of retirees. If you end up in the Piedmont section of the state, you have 2-3 hours to the mountains and 2-3 hours to the ocean. Retire in a college town like Chapel Hill or Greenville and you can take advantage of many free interesting activities.

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Thank you for your reply NCTH.

I have been to the Chapel Hill area and Carrboro in particular which was a pretty neat town. 

Cultural activities are important to me as well. I have a healthy budget for those types of pursuits but I am trying to include the big picture aspect of my posts. I fully realize I will not get 100% of my goals but don't want to dip down too low on the target area. 

Thank you again for your insight!

Best regards,


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