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silently taken away points

Never was able to use my points. At first over 35000 got missed, taken away, wiped off and now over 2500 also were taken away, wiped off silently without prior warning. When I had a membership I really was not able to use it anywhere. It is not clear about membership effectiveness, but clear then points could be taken away silently at any time.


If you sign up for the AARP Rewards email it will show your monthly points history including what is going to expire and the date they will expire.At least that way you can use them up for sweepstakes or something rather than lose them.I don't enter sweeps unless I have expiring points.

If you don't want the emails then just click your transaction history at the top right on the rewards page and in the drop down box there is a link to Points Expiration.You can see when all your points will expire.The amount and month they will expire if you don't use them.

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