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"Sold Out" Rewards Mysteriously Disappear?!?

Social Butterfly

"Sold Out" Rewards Mysteriously Disappear?!?



If you had anything to do with removing the old "sold out" items in the catalog, then thank you.


We didn't know if anyone in Rewards was reading our concerns.


The only "sold out" item I see is today's Wayfair card!  It is so much better!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Yes, our team does indeed listen and takes the feedback that this forum provides under consideration. We consider your first hand feedback very important to the success of the program.


The previously sold out items will be removed every Friday going forward and new additional catalog filtering is also on the way in a few weeks!



Honored Social Butterfly

Agreed! Unfortunately, I missed the Wayfair one. 😞 😉

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