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Can I apply my 3,000 points to purchasing my Carnival Gift Cards.  If so how do I do that?

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@KarenV354920 Hi Karen, here to help! Redemption choices are for purchase with money or points; users can not pay with a mix of money and points. I invite you to check out all of the redemption options on the Rewards site here:

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The way AARP Rewards Program is set-up - the answer is 'no' - you cannot use Reward points for the Cruise gift cards. For these types of gift cards, you will have to put in a little of your own money first to get 'the discount' = in saving, when they send you back the discounted gift card/ e-gift card.


You can save in dollars in the end by this method; but be sure you will absolutely use.


For 3,000 points, Steely Dan says you 'can't buy a thrill.'  🙄    Under current standards you need at least 10,000 up to 25,0000 points for a standard $5.00 gift card.

For 3,000 points you won't be able to get an umbrella for your drink while you're on your cruise; but if you smile you might.  😋


Discounted gift cards are available for cash and limited to 5 Standard cards purchased per month and 25 Premium cards purchased per month. Premium Cards are indicated with a blue box reading “Premium”, located in the upper left corner of the item image.


The Gamble   - There is a 

Carnival Gift Card Sweepstakes

 $500 Value     for   150 Points 

You can be one of five winners. There are many others who are also entering this sweepstakes - you can use your points and take a chance/ gamble. The rules are self-explanatory. No guarantees of winning.



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