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What heck is this? Why here on Rewards? And link doesn't work

Hey all

What is this? Anyone else seeing this on their list of Rewards to redeem? 

Is link working for you? 

I saw thought was weird clicked on takes to 'URL requested can't be found' 🤯

See screenshots below 


Any thoughts to share? 


Ginger  :  )



Redeem page 

Screenshot_20210706-143333_Samsung Internet.jpg

This comes up 🤔

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I saw this before but noticed that today it is sometimes appearing when I filter by points and when it does, it removes one of the instant wins from the page. When I re-filter (un-click and click again) the missing instant win is back. Now that's weird. I don't care that it's there, just don't take away the other stuff for it.

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Ginger, I think AARP membership as a Reward is WEIRD😒.

After the coloring sheets I guess anything can happen😢.


Have a Blessed Day



Yes Ginger I received an email from AARP about a contest. It said it was the "Friends Forever" contest. But when I click to enter the screen will not open and it says to call the main phone number. I called and the lady had no idea what I was talking about. She tried to transfer me & we couldn't do that either. 

Best regards, Lyn

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Well duh

Took to long to post about 'weird' offer Link appears be working now

Guess makes sense be there .... offering membership renews.... not sure also noticed new browser add on 'AARP PERKS' for tablets and PCs lots of new updates arriving to site 🙃

Enjoy a beautiful day...outta here

Ginger  ;  ) 🙂


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