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What a Disappointing Night

Guess no more $10 rewards again. Took the $5 for Target but that's it. And now half the time I play a video I get the "sorry, no points" message just to annoy me some more. ☹️

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@MichelleM50204 Hi Michelle, if you were on the AARP Rewards Earn page and then opened a new tab to watch a video, you were unable to earn points from watching the video. We’ve identified the issue with our video vendor and they are working to resolve it. 

To receive your points, please replay the video on the AARP Rewards Earn page without opening a new tab. Remember, you must watch all videos to the end to earn points. If you are still unable to earn points for videos watched, please let me know which videos so I can look into this further. 

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I don’t believe Michelle that there is a lack of enthusiastic sponsors willing to participate in this program and at a level well above the measly $5 gift cards this provider is offering. When you see ads from advertisers at the beginning of most  of the videos, that tells me this administrator has no problem finding interested advertisers but is not willing to share any compensation they receive to the members. Kinda makes you wonder just what they are doing with all the advertising $$$$. 

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A big AMEN to that Lucy!!  I still have $20 and $25 dollar cards in the drawer from back in the day, something is definitely up!



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Me too - at least there was a football game to watch to keep me awake!  : )

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