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Wednesday Weekly Winners 1/29/2020

This weeks winners are posted!


Daily IW can be found here:

(list too long to list here).


Weekly Instant Win - are listed below but also can be found at :

The Most Recent Weekly Instant Winners: January 18-25 - $75 Ulta Gift Card

(First Name Last Initial):

    • Rita L, 
    • Glen L,
    • Adrienne C,
    • Stephanie G,
    • Mary Ellen K,
    • Stephanie B,
    • Mei Y,
    • Larry F,
    • Robert Z,
    • Stephanie M,
    • Marie M, 
    • Glen M,
    • Omar F,
    • Debra S,
    • Joyce H,
    • Theresa M,
    • Christine P,
    • Robert G,
    • Donna B,
    • Debbie S,
    • Marcia C,
    • Eleanor T,
    • Ruth-Ann H,
    • John G,
    • Kathleen G,
    • Frank R,
    • Angelyn H,
    • Princess M,
    • Marilyn K,
    • Sue B,
    • Mary E,
    • Roy C,
    • Jerry H,
    • Tonya M,
    • Debbie B,
    • Daniel M,
    • Deb A,
    • Anthony N,
    • Karen S,
    • Patricia F,
    • Suellen F,
    • Beverly C,
    • Timothy A,
    • John M,
    • Judith R,
    • Dennis R,
    • Michael P,
    • Brenda G,
    • Vanessa R,
    • Hedy N,
    • Karen S,
    • Stephen K,
    • Peggy P,
    • Marilyn K,
    • Jerry B,
    • Laura B,
    • Craig W,
    • Patrice C,
    • Donna C,
    • Lisa H,
    • Charlotte C,
    • Bill S,
    • Carol P,
    • David R,
    • Patricia P,
    • Jolie M,
    • Roberta M,
    • Eileen C,
    • Karen M,
    • Laura D,
    • Gabreal P,
    • Cassandra S,
    • Solomon R,
    • Maryanne C,
    • Trang L.


(most recent sweeps not listed yet will be updated soon!)

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Super Contributor

I have some questions about the Daily Instant Win and Weekly Instand Win. Sometimes I see a note under the description of the prize that says you can only win 1 instant win a month, and other times I don't see that statement. Can you give a little more detail? If you win a daily instant win prize, are you ineligile not win any more daily instant contests until the following month? What about weekly instant wins? If you win a daily, does that make you ineligible to win a weekly instant win for the rest of the month also? Or does ineligibility apply to weekly instant wins only if you've won a weekly instant win that month? Or, are you eligible to win weekly or daily instant contests regardless if you've already won one that month? I just don't want to be using my points if I don't have a chance of winning.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@ej64073754   We have posted a tips on this - check this thread out where your questions should be answered.  Thanks!   

Social Butterfly


Hello Teri 

Thanks for the info 

Noticed on your link it now states Daily & Weekly Instant wins are Unlimited so members can now play everyday and win as often as luck allows? 

That's an awesome good change 

When did this happen? Was it posted ?


I went & searched the Rules and Etc After downloading many prizes info noticed that beginning December 2019 it only states "Member may win 1 prize" the part from past " person can win 1 prize per month" no longer stated after November 2019.


I also searched all 4 Forums for Rewards couldn't find any posts about the Rules being changed to Unlimited 

So why weren't members notified?  or if was posted/notified where are those posts? Thanks appreciate your help 

Enjoy your day 

Ginger  :  ) Unlimited times can win Yippee!Unlimited times can win Yippee!


Old rules no longer apply  When?Old rules no longer apply When?


🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
Social Butterfly


Hi there

Let's put a helper on here... possibly get you a quicker reply


Teri can you help with their questions? Thanks




Maybe Teri will verify my info or add more info

Good luck 

Ginger  :   )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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