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WHY is Starz restricted to streaming only?

We have PAID for Starz for years and will continue to pay as long as Outlander is produced.  

We are being excluded from the offer that has been up for a number of months.  Only streaming customers can get the $25 credit.   This is not right.

Should we drop Starz from cable and start streaming?  It would appear that company prefers streaming customers since they expressly exclude those of us who are loyal customers who pay through cable companies.  I would think many seniors are in that category as we are.

So month after month I get only $5 offers while this really nice $25  offer is not offered to me.

Not fair in my opinion.....and the day Starz stops producing Outlander, I am OUT for being treated so unfairly.


Because it is billed through the cable company.You aren't paying Starz directly you are only paying the cable company and they pay Starz so no way for them to process a gift card from another company to the cable company.You could drop Starz from your cable lineup and sign up for a Starz account but then you would be streaming the channel via the internet.Everyone I know that had cable has dropped it due to the high cost so many people do like the gift card option since you don't need a credit card to stream or have a monthly bill.It stops when the card is used up or you can add another card to keep it going.

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@MemberS2006   I am quite aware of the  billing.  I think there could be a code where Starz subscribers could be credited no matter how it is paid.   

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My main complaint recently is why do we have to pay for services (e.g., discovery, disney, etc.) outside the cable subscription? Years ago we fought (and lost) against on-air tv and cable; now we have to pay for channels that we already paid for via cable subscription? Say what?


Done with that; we're reading ebooks when no cable show is interesting enough... (btw, check local library; ours lends ebooks and vids FREE!)

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@WebWiseWoman   I agree.   Discovery Plus is particularly irritating since it seems a lot of the shows I've enjoyed are now only on Plus.   It seems the streaming services have the goal of eliminating cable given that they are taking value from it on a constant basis.

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