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Today's Daily Deal

The ONE time that there is a decent daily deal (50% off a Lowe's card) - the system locks up on me (and probably a bunch of others) - I had one IN MY CART and then it tells me it was no longer available?  Skunked again - at least I can rest knowing that the lucky ones that got this were MEMBERS.

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The very same thing happened to me. The first time I had the item in my cart then went to pay, I got a proxy error. Then it allowed me to put the item back into my cart, view the cart, and when I immediately went to pay, told me the item was sold out. My cart had nothing in it at that time. This went on for 3 more times. So the software allows people to put items in their cart as if they were available, only to find out they are not when you go to pay for them. I am not happy about this. 


Yes, there were probably very few of them.  As Always.  I got to entering my payment information and get Proxy Error and then can't get back into AARP at all.  Yes we can hope they were MEMBERS.  But with this site I am not even confident in that.

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It happened to me too!  It appears that the site couldn't handle the amount of traffic.  Had it in my cart and couldn't complete the transaction.

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