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Target $10 Sold Out at 1:12 a.m. EST

Boy, am I sorry I got out of bed.  It wasn't sold out when I started the set of activities. 

Did get the Burger King but wouldn't have bothered at all except Target was the one I could use, along with everyone else up at this ungodly hour for folks on the east coast.   

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Thank goodness I was up late watching the Olympics, otherwise I would have lost out on the Target card.  Always know that the left coast and Hawaii folks get quite the advantage on us East Coasters.  Maybe they should make these available mid-afternoon ET on the 1st to make it fair for all, just a thought



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@AnneG461594   That would be a good idea.   They stopped putting new offers on at 9 a.m. EST some time ago after many complaints from west coasters that 6 a.m. was too early for them.  (I'm always up by 6 but never awake at midnight as I'm a morning person.)   Your idea of midday or midafternoon would make the time assessible for all.

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I agree with you.  The current system doesn't seem to be fair. I would like an explanation from AARP as to why the program has gone so far down hill. 

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every single points award is ALWAYS sold out on first day in early hours. Totally WORTHLESS program.

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I couldn't agree more.  This program has become worthless.  They don't seem to have instant wins anymore either although it wouldn't really matter.  I haven't won one since January of 2020.

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Yeah same here, sold out before I could finish 4 lousy activities. We (they) (somebody) needs to get rid of this asinine Extra Credit Activities function. Really wanted the Target Card. They probably only had one to start with. Nothing changes with these people.

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Guess I was lucky to score one. I'm on the west coast so a decent time for me. Sorry. Wish they would have had more of them.

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Well, good stuff, here, @MichelleM50204 , atleast you're not a braggart! 😂 Have a lucky Sunday! 

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Yes! Thank you @HokiePoq ! I feel less crazy knowing that when I signed on, and saw the latest and greatest of points only gift cards (my reset is MDT at 10PM FYI), all the extra credit activity points only gift cards were still available. I watched the videos, and did the quizzes, as per the required activities to unlock these points only gift cards, and suddenly, when I was good to go, the Target redeem for 27,000 for 10.00 was, 'Sold Out.' Don't you find that to be peculiar>? I sure do! I decided to redeem the BK one, but something's more fishy with the Target one, if you ask me. Recap...Log-in, see there are points only gift cards available, but you need to do the extra activities to unlock them, do the activities, unlock the points only gift cards to redeem, and suddenly receive the, 'SOLD OUT' at the very top (Target). Craziness! Like nobody would notice. Anyway, thank you, again @HokiePoq ! Have a wonderful Sunday! x

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