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Hello everyone 😊. I was doing a little investigate and checked out Merkel one of the sponsors for a Sweepstake. You see I didn't know anything about Merkle. It seems that Merkle is a Marketing company. This tells me that they have some sort of information about anyone that enters a Sweepstake. I could be wrong, but these sponsors are not sponsoring these Sweepstakes for nothing. I'm wondering what information is being released to these sponsors. I'm just saying. 

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Hey al45009948 r u sure about the Merkle you found was really a sponsor for a sweepstakes ? ?

Which sweepstakes ? ? 

The Merkle Inc I know about (aka HelloWorld) is the administrator of this rewards program. 

I don't believe its legal to be a sponsor and the administrator 

On the other hand nothing about Merkle would surprise me. 

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Hi Karen ¿

Merkel is company owns Hello World(name they used at 1st) which is in charge/manages/sponsor of our complete Rewards program not just a Sweepstakes they oversee all that Rewards offers and does every since the update/ change to New Rewards b4 was a different company - Deluxe as I recall

Not certain about info being shared but would assume they have all of our membership info plus more if won big prize (they get tax info needed) but as other posted its all available in privacy rules 

FYI : Merkle/Hello World also manages Coca-cola Rewards & Paw Points Rewards & many others 

Stay safe 

Ginger ;  )


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Each sweepstakes has a link to a PDF file with information about the particular sweepstakes including the privacy policy for that sweepstakes. You can read the privacy statements of any of the sweepstakes in the files here:


Also AARP has their website privacy statement here:


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