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Remove the Limit for Members

Hello Community Warriors,


Members aren't being treated fairly!!  Why is there a limit placed on anything that a paying member can purchase or redeem points for?


The limits should be for non-members only, why restrict the paying members?


Your thoughts concerning the (3) per month limit. 


Have a Blessed Day


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Hello Rewards Warriors


How many would like to see the limit removed for members and Points Only gift cards value increased?


AARP this would be a great way to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, and please give us gift cards everyone can use and not show favoritism😯


Have a Blessed & Safe Day



I'd also like the points to have a consistent value.



37000 pts, $15 Zappos

26000 pts, $15 xbox gift card

24500 pts, $15 Build a Bear

24000 pts $10 Gap

20000 pts $10 Redbox

18125 pts $10 Uno Pizza

13000 pts $5 REI

11000 pts $5 Sheetz


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I respectfully disagree.  I would imagine there is a finite number of good redemptions.  I know how I felt when I was unsuccessful in winning any of the instant games or finding any points only deals the first few months (not to mention the month I was locked out when the points only deals appeared around Christmas).   There are relatively few of us here compared to the total number of participants.   If unlimited one person could use all their million points to exaust a lot of the supply of cards pretty quickly before others have a chance. They have already made the instant wins unlimited not that I ever won enough to worry about that.  I agree that the best offers should be Members Only.  That should work as an incentive.   One of the great Panera cards which is Members Only should be an incentive to non-members to join.    

It is not unfair to have limits.  (Please don't yell at me for disagreeing this time,)

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Hello @HokiePoq 

I didn't think I had yelled at you before for voicing your opinion.  Everyone's opinions aren't the same and I appreciate hearing what other members think.


With amount of points only deals that are being offered with limits it still would not come close to satisfying all members (i.e. the Panera Bread "Members Only, Points Only" gift card) that sold out in less than (5) minutes.


Even doubling the limit to (6) per month may be helpful, not everybody is interested in the same things, and that would bring members to the redeem section more often.  If you meet your limit in a week, what's the need to even look anymore for the month.  150 cards with over a million membersSmiley Surprised.


Hope that wasn't yelling, just my opinionSmiley Happy


Have a Blessed Day


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@mi4090  Saying wrong wrong wrong in all caps is yelling.   That was last time, not this time when you very politely expressed your opinion as usual.  Perhaps you were not aware that all caps signififes yelling that other time.


You are not wrong.  I am not wrong.  We are all entitled to our opinions.

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Hello @HokiePoq 

I don't even remember that, and didn't mean any disrespect.  I guess I was over excited about my opinion.  No harm intended. 

I try to respect everyone, because that's how I'd like to be treated.  Hopefully we're still goodSmiley Happy


Have a Blessed Day,


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For starters, we're not grade schoolers. Can we please get over this notion that all caps means yelling at someone? It's a ridiculous thing to be offended by. I sometimes use caps to add emphasis. It's similar to using italics, but easier to recognize. No one's yelling because this isn't an audible form of communication.


Now, to get back to mi4090's original discussion. HokiePoq, many of the users here use AARP Rewards (and more so with the former Rewards For Good) to buy the Carnival gift cards. That's a fact. I'm sure AARP recognized that and I believe that is exactly why they made those cards available to members only. They saw an opportunity to boost their membership levels and increase revenue. Except it backfired because they gave us a seriously subpar replacement program. It caused a lot of major disappointment in the organization and even caused some to discontinue their membership. If it's so important to limit the number of gift cards we can buy, then tell me how they were able to sell unlimited cards with the former operator of Rewards For Good, Deluxe Rewards? Hundreds of satisfied users bought countless Carnival gift cards for years. But you say that couldn't be sustained now? Wrong. It worked then, it'd work now. I've asked on multiple occasions why we are limited now, but they don't have enough respect for the members who help pay their bills to ever give us an answer. They can blame it on HelloWorld, the new supplier, for all I care, but don't treat us, paying members, like we don't matter.

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