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I just noticed that if you click an offer and you have already redeemed it says "You have reached your limit of 1 digital rewards per month."  Does this mean we can now only get one redemption per month rather than the three we have been able to get previously?

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This was your reply to k380494p  on 12/17/20


The monthly limit has not changed, and you can still redeem a total of 3 Point-Only items per month. The Point-Only items will be limited to 1 item per person, you will not be able to redeem more than 1 of each item. 



AARP JanelleM

this is the text from the three emails I got. THREE (3) rewards were redeemed on 11/1/20 @ 1:40 am, 1:43am, 1:47am CARE TO COMMENT ????????

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@rednexsrus @KellyS503189 The change went into effect on December 11. Point-Only items are now limited to 1 item per person. You can still redeem a total of 3 Point-Only items per month. The limit of 3 redemptions per month includes points-only merchandise, gift cards, and Daily Deals.

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So you say the change was made Dec 11, 2020. ?  Well thank you very much for letting your members know about such an important change.👎 What else changed that you have not told us about ?🤔🤔

Back in June AARPTeri at least gave us a heads up and gave us a web page ( to visit, so the members could stay informed about the current rules. Again, thanks for nothing 😩

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Very disappointing.   Now one must spend three times as much time to get redemptions each month.   The vendor is not providing enough rewards for the massive number of people AARP has recruited to the program.  So the solution is to make it harder to get value from the program.   We are seven times less likely to win an instant win game and now must spend a ridiculous amount of time to get three redemptions.   I am very sorry I recommended the program to a friend in the fall and got her started.   It is now not worth the time involved.   One more time:   THE VENDOR IS NOT PROVIDING ENOUGH REWARDS FOR THE NUMBER OF MEMBERS.  Very few points only offers have come up this month after the first of the month.  I watch even though I'd gotten my redemptions this month, fortunately, as that might be the last time I'm ever able to do so. The solution is not to make the pictures bigger, make it less likely to win anything, or to triple the amount of time needed to get value from the program.  Others have suggested points only offers all be members only.   That is where the change should have been, not to take away value from those who have spent massive amounts of time on this "beta" program.

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@k380494p The monthly limit has not changed, and you can still redeem a total of 3 Point-Only items per month. The Point-Only items will be limited to 1 item per person, you will not be able to redeem more than 1 of each item. 

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@AARPJanelleM @When did you change the part where you can redeem only 1 of each item. I have redeemed points only for  (2) Longhorn Steakhouse gift cards, (3) Omaha Steaks, (2) Fandango, (2) CBS All Access all in the last few months ? ? I thought you could use all 3  of your redemptions on just one item if you chose to. Please clear this up

thanks, Good Talk

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Hmmm, I read it as, 'You can only redeem 1 time per offer.' So if there is a points only redemption available you can only redeem it one time/one per person? That is not a good idea...Unless, the one time/one per person is like the recent Target points only for 20.00. I mean, for one per person, this would seem acceptable versus 3x redeems on one points only offer, totally 15.00. Yes, need a bit more clarification is needed in this respect! Please help! @AARPJanelleM 🙂

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@KellyS503189 @HokiePoq 



The $20 Target card was a one time special deal. It was the only card that was specifically tagged as "Limit 1 per person"



All of the other points only rewards gift cards are NOT tagged as such. 



I hope JanelleM will clear all this up pretty soon, not much chance any of us will get to test it out with our rewards redemptions we have left.

Just Saying😫😫

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