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There has been a lot of discussion here in the forum about points only gift cards, cards for purchase, and member only cards. All of us seem to agree that we would like to see more than 3 rewards redemptions per month, change or get rid of the $5 purchase cards for $4 and the $10 cards for $9.

In the currant catalog there are 112 purchase only cards, 55 members only cards, and sadly there are only 3 ( yes THREE ) points only cards. Who is really interested in TopGolf, Petsupplies (some members have had disappointing results here) and Jamba Juice. Seriously - Get Real

With the majority of the cards being for purchase only (this seems to be managements choice of e-cards) why don't they offer points only gift cards in varied amounts ( don't put $5 cards in there) for payment methods that are approved by AARP, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MC and Discover. What better way to move some of the 112 cards in the catalog.  

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This is from the Reader's Digest Magazine:

Choose Your Savings

Save up to 84%! Each term includes automatic renewal with our Continuous Renewal Service.*

 BEST DEAL-2 years for $15 SAVE 84%
 1 year for $10 SAVE 79%


This is what AARP offers:

Reader's Digest Magazine One-Year Subscription

$15 $39 Value


Not at all a saving, as you can see!

I remember when lots of Magazines were free with points or could be won as the Daily Deal (AARP for Good).

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