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RE: Collapsible Car Cooler


Collapsible Car Cooler

12,000 Points$10 Value

The Insulated Car Cooler keeps drinks and snacks cool while on the go. Lightweight cooler pops open for use and collapses flat for storage. Zippered lid keeps the cold in. Convenient carry handles make it easy to grab and go.


@AARPJanelleM  or @AARPTeri  I tried to redeem this physical item this morning, and it does not give me a redeem button to click. Help? Please take into consideration that I have not redeemed this item in the past, nor have I met my max of monthly redemption allowances. Thanks. 


Collapsible Car Cooler 12072022 Cannot Redeem.png 

have not maxed on my monthly redemptions as well.png


Berty -


It's all in the Rewards Section: from drop down menu.....


1--- About.... $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card  10,000 Points     >  [ Home Depot  $5.00      16,000 Points ]  --    >  CVS Pharmacy   $5.00  ~~  10,000 Points


2----Connect......$10.00 Amazon Gift Card (Sold Out ) -----12,000 Points ---> [ $10.00 Zappos gift Card ---22,000 Points] 


3 - Redeem----> Near You......Craftsman Tote-----8,000 Points


4 - Earn.........Shoe-In-Tote........9,000 Points


5 - Discover.......Clear Storage Caddy........7,000 Points


Trouble with Redeem??? 

- click on Redeem     V


- now click on Near You  --->  look towards bottom  ( don't click 'See More' or anything else )


These are All Members Only - Redemption Items - Gift Cards and Physical Items


Click Here ---->  Re: AARP Rewards Holiday Hunt 2022 has launched - AARP Online Community


This link above actually has a picture of the 'About'  location - get the picture  🙂   See Kelly 12-7



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Thank you for your reply, OneDay!  I found # 2, 3, 4 and 5 ~ but I still don't see #1 under About.  But that's OK; just curious where that little pop-up present could be hiding!  🎁

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Here’s a description of where the Holiday Gift box appears in “About” for me. (I’m using Safari on an iPhone.) It hovers on the right side of the screen between the lower part of video and above the section with “Why AARP Rewards?” I noticed that the Holiday Gift box completely disappears when I tilt the iPhone sideways to landscape. YMMV depending on your device, operating system, browser, etc. Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much!  I'm on a laptop and it finally popped up ABOVE the video on the right side.  I had to lower my zoom from 110 to 100 before it was visible.  Gees, all that work for a $5 gift card!  lol  

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