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When you write something here why doesn't someone from AARP respond?

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We do reply to questions here @AARPJanelleM will answer your question if you post one.

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I won the sweepstakes for a $100.00 Chili's gift card in the September 2021 sweepstakes. I was notified on Oct 19, 2021. Today is March 16, 2022 and I have not received my gift card. I have called AARP Rewards, at least 3 times now. I  emailed HelloWorld on Dec 27, 2021 they replied back Jan 3, 2022 saying I would recieve gift card by email in the next weeks. They lied. Called March 3, 2022 and was told someone would reach out to me in 3 to 5 days, didn't happen. Called today and was told they are sending to their supervisor and consumer support, and please give them 3 to 5 days for this to happen. What is going on? Received an email today telling me I won the artist supply sweekstakes have to wonder if I will receive that.

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@bas45dml Congratulations on your sweepstakes win! I reviewed your account and I see our escalations team reached out to you yesterday (3/16) and advised that you will need to follow up with Helloworld for a status update on your gift card delivery. You can email them to follow up at

(be sure to email them from the email address that you use for AARP Rewards so they can locate your information) 


If you still do not receive your gift card within 2 weeks, please contact our team back as advised yesterday. We're always here to help!

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Thank you. 

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@bas45dml You are most welcome! 

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WOW !!!! 2 Sweeps in less then 6 months. You must be doing something right 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️ 🥴

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@bas45dml . There are probably many reasons why they don't. But, one reason that stands out to me is that they don't notice the question in all the questions, statements and various posts to all kinds of things that are on the board.


One method of getting them to notice a question directed at the AARP  admins is to mention their name in the post. (As I did to your name) To do this, you have to type an @ and a box comes up to pick a name (names come up from the posts in the thread), or you can type in their name. Make sure it makes a link and it is to an AARP admin. Easiest way is when you type the "at" sign is to pick an admin name that comes up. If no admin name is on the thread then you have to type their name. Usually you would pick an admin that is active in the particular forum you are in. (Be careful picking as you can pick a wrong name)


@AARPTeri and @AARPJanelleM  are active in this forum. See that is a link (clicked it only goes to their profile page), however, more importantly is that when you do that, an email is sent to that name and it tells them someone mentioned them in - and it gives the thread/forum subject. That makes it easier for an admin to find a question that is meant for them. It works for everyone, but only if they have that kind of notice set in their profile settings.


May not guarantee a reply, but it gives you a better chance. Hope that helps a little. 

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