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Points Only Panera Card

Ok, boys & girls!  There’s a $15 Panera card posted for 36000 points. I know that’s a crowd favorite so hurry while it lasts.😊🌸

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I was fortunate to get two and finish my month's redemptions.  Glad to see one I can use!  The dollar amounts have been shrinking, however.   First it was $25; then $20 and now $15.    

Glad to have it but my redemption value for the month was $45, rather than the $75 I once got when I was able to get three of them.

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Yay!  I’m glad you got them. I was going to grab one but I still have one from a while back so I wanted to give someone else a chance.😊


How many did they have in stock? Three?


Saw this 45 minutes after your post and they're gone. Ridiculous.

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 @BlaneH710242   Good point.   It would be interesting to know how many are available of each points only deal.   On the instant wins, we know it's 100.   This one didn't last long.   I would also like to know how many active participants there are in the program.   The Pandora  now and previously the Build A Bear lasted a long time....probably because of lack of demand, not huge supplies.

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Yes, it would be interesting to see number of active participants. Wish they would limit entire program to paid members only. Would benefit everyone - they would increase paid membership and we would have better odds. Would then be more of a true “rewards” program - rewarding  paid members (seniors) versus sweepers & others who have no intention of joining & being active in the AARP community. 

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@TheTam   Completely agree.  The rewards should be for members only.   Would limit numbers and encourage people to join.  Why is it open to anyone anyway?

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