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Not "Thankful for our Community"

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So I have to spend Rewards points to enter up to 10 times per day on the website, or I have to spend my time hand writing my information then sending with US postage of $0.60 per entry. I suppose this technically gets AARP around gambling rules but what load of baloney. If AARP was really "Thankful for our Community" they wouldn't be asking us to give up our rewards, or buy postage with real cash to enter a sweepstakes. How about instead providing a useful article and when you read it you are automatically entered at zero cost?

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Hi HarryL

Kudos for your remarks

How about AARP take that $5000 and put it toward some higher value

"Points Only" "MEMBERS ONLY" gift cards. That would be a much better way to show a  "Thankful for our Community" and it will benefit many more members. Just a thought  

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