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Members Only is $5 Gift Card + Extra Credit/Work....HUH!

Hello Management,


No one wants to do all the extra work for $5😢  Is this a punishment for being a paying member?  Offer that to Non-Members! The Rewards Program is getting worst by the day.


Rewards Program has nearly 38 million members; 100, 500, 1,000 or 5,000 winners is an insult.  Few members are winning with odds that are stacked against us.


An increase in the "Points Only" gift card values and winners would be appreciated.  Offering "Points Only" gift cards every (4) hours at a scheduled time daily would allow for more winners.


Can You Hear Me Now!!


Have a Blessed Day,


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Hi Marylin. Since when does a rewards program need to include non-members ?? That's foolish. We absolutely don't need them mucking up this program. Only thing I can figure is there must be greed behind this

Just Saying 

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Hello Lucy,

The non members can get just as much as members; difference is points earned.  They're trying to keep as much traffic as possible on the website, and this making paying members the LOSERS😢

Probably some greed or a way of using seniors with rewarding them.


Have a Blessed Day,



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