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Magazine subscriptions = false advertising/ "fake" savings

  If I could go to and get a 1-yr subscription to Better Homes and Garden for $5.00 (versus the $6.00 "rewards" price offered by AAPR Rewards -- and way over the "savings" supposedly AARP would save me, then AARP is doing a disservice to it's members.  Ditto for many of the other "rewards" price/savings of other AARP Rewards magazine subscription offerings.  I realize the "savings" would be if a subscription were paid for at the "published" subscription price, but that is not realistic when the vast majority of your members would look for savings over and above what could be had from going to or other site that offers discounts.

   Is a AARP Rewards just becoming another "false advertising" vendor -- looking to literally scam it's users into accepting "rewards" that maybe benefit AARP Rewards, but have real-life costs to it's members?

  I urge AARP Rewards to investigate it's rewards offerings to better reflect real-life cost/savings.

Thank you





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@wfeather   You are spot on.   Anything other than free magazines for points is a potential scam by the company that administers the program.   I suspect, as I said in another thread, that these are given to the company and then sold to members at prices higher than can be obtained elsewhere.  Same is true of the gift cards.      AARP needs to realize that this company's actions reflect badly on AARP.   People will blame AARP which is , as  @rednexsrus said, ultimately responsible.   I agree with Lucy it's time for a change.


While is ultimately responsible for the AARP Rewards Program please know that this program is administered by the worse company around that was chosen to run this program.

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