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Log off AARP until next month!

With a limit of "3 rewards" reached early in the month, and literally no reason to accumulate points e.g. no auctions or rewards requiring a high number of points, there is no incentive to log into AARP daily -- until the beginning of the following month.

Request AARP significantly increase the limit of redemptions allowed per month.


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I try to log in every day to earn points.In order to redeem for anything over the daily 7500 points you have to accumulate points.It really doesn't bother me as far as the rewards offered.I just save until I see something I do want then I have the points to get it.Also I do not play the daily offer unless its for something that I can actually use.I don't see a reason to play for a reward that I can't redeem in my area or online.

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Hello Rewards Warriors


Made the suggestion about removing limit or at least increasing to (6) per month couple of weeks ago😢


I don't believe anyone is listening or cares.


Have a Day & Safe Day


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Yes... i agree 100%...A reasonable monthly limit should be 10 rewards specially with no auctions to use the points !!!!

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A fixed number of winnings is reasonable if you want to make the chance to win appear reasonable to a wide number of members.  


But assigning a seemingly low number of 3 max seems unreasonable from another angle.


With a fair amount of prizes limited in appeal based on geography and/or category, it takes some experience with the system to decide what prizes to pursue.  You lose focus on the prizes and you can win and waste up to 3 chances on meaningless prizes.  I've "won" gift certificates to more than 1 thing that were miles from me, and/or of little interest.  Those experiences meant I could win a max of 2 in a month that would be of use, and connect me to the program.

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