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July 2023 Extra Reget-it

The choices this month are pretty bad, I think.

Dominos could be useful to those who are saving up $5 gift cards.

As well as those hoarding Papa John $5 gift cards.


However, the "Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of ‘99 Great Ways to Save’
Think you’re a smart shopper? Let’s find out" has wasted an enormous

amount of time for me.  It doesn't have a circular rewards badge, but, I

am really bullheaded and keep trying in hopes that my effort will give 

credit.  Totally Frustrated...nothing is that great to justify all the

effort.  I thought I might get a Bath and Body to pass on before the

semiannual sale ends, but, that idea is looking far-fetched.


Sad, sad, sad morning...

Trusted Contributor

Still a bit early, so I assume there will still be a few gripes about the inoperative quiz.  Oh, well.


I am not a by the book half full kinda guy, but I'm here to offer that like when things seem bleakest is when opportunists enter (witness many stocks during a bear market), it may very well turn out a blessing that in a month of pretty weak options, wallowing in pity over losing out on the Dominoes card because of a glitch may well lead to getting something better during or by month's end.  Keeping the chin up is what it's all about.


I much, much prefer closing my 3 selections on the first of the month rather than having to check on an extended basis for choices, but despite the glitch, this program is suffering far, far fewer glitches than it was about 3 months ago.  The changeover was punctual, so it could have been far worse.


A better gift card awaits.  




I only choose 2 selections on the first of the month, saving the third for something better during the month. More often than not, I find myself scrambling on the last afternoon of the month to cash the 3rd one in. I'm not sure when gift cards are issued during the day during the month. When I check around 10  and 11 AM EST nothing new is there. Around 1 PM the new ones are sold out. Like everybody else, I cannot sit and watch the web site all day in the hopes an Amazon GC might suddenly appear. 


Not to be argumentative, but my experience has shown me that rarely does a better gift card await. 

Bronze Conversationalist

‘99 Great Ways to Stress Seniors'........


Update: as of 11:36 am est - 450 point icon was seen and I was able get the Extra Credit Quiz completed; and was able to redeem for $5.00 Dominos. ( for $5.00 can I even get a pizza ???...  it should have been a $10.00 gift card )     😎


.....still by 8:45 am est - no points given by Marcus...😓


Here's some salt thrown at our wounds ..... it's the weekend and the AARP IT/ staff won't be here to fix till Monday....??? 😩





Gold Conversationalist

Hi my friend Andrew @andrewtoo🙂

I’ve already posted several comments reflecting everything you just said....

this is yet another EXTRA REGRET-IT month!


Sometimes the only reason to come here often is to interact with a few good peeps....the Rewards part is sadly becoming Unrewarding....

Anyway....hope you’re doing well!

Take care!  ☮️  🌄~Allen

Regular Contributor

well, at least everyone who wanted to log in and play was able to do so ,,,eliminating the front end of frustration ... of course after going through all of the work, the bigger frustration was the less than stellar lineup of coveted gift cards .... at least they listened to part of our complaints !! 😉😁

Silver Conversationalist

@andrewtoo Same with me too Andrew. Kept trying to complete the quiz hoping it was going to complete but after 5-6 tries I gave up. Who needs those two lousy $5 gift cards anyway. 


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