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Instant Win Free method

Hello everyone 🤗. Hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to say something about the Instant Win game Free method. After I filled out the form and no sooner I hit the enter, ( I mean less than a split second) it came back with the try again tomorrow. I've never seen a response that quick. Actually when I first tried to enter my information it came back with a error and I had to reenter my information. Come on what's up with that. I'm just saying 

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Hi al

Hello to you too, I am doing just fine this morning.

I must say @andrewtoo must have the patience of Job for he must be the ACE when it comes to the Instant Win Free Method 

I don't know of anyone that pursues this avenue of entering the Instant Wins than Andrew. 

I tried a few times but became so frustrated with the flaws and glitches that I decided to just pay the 50 points for each tile and be done with it. Just my thoughts on the subject

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