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Hello everyone 🤗. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed incorrect answers for some of the quizzes. 







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 Among retirees who have considered going back to work, how many said they would prefer to switch careers rather than stay in their former field, according toa recent survey?


 A Baby shampoo

 B Boric acid

 C Allergy eyedrops

 D Contact lens solution


This is not the first time I've seen this. I'm just saying 

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I just took my first trivia quiz, and I won't be taking any more any time soon, I can tell you that. The question was something like, what is the one test that doesn't have to do with physical fitness? And I chose the answer "stanford binet". Wrong? Wrong? Are you kidding me? The Stanford Binet test measures cognitive ability. Good Lord. This feels uncomfortably close to gaslighting.

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@al45009948 @zapatero @like92115 Yes, we are aware of the issue with the quizzes and our team is working to get this corrected as soon as possible! 

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I switched careers to "Baby shampoo" several years ago. I like it better than "Boric acid" - too caustic of a work environment. I also like it better than "Allergy eyedrops" - I was in tears. And as for "Contact lens solution", I just didn't see myself doing that.


But seriously, I too have seen answers that were clearly meant for another quiz?! Being a retired systems programmer (explains the humor, doesn't it) even this has me puzzled. 


“Curiouser and curiouser!”

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