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Hulu live right now!

4:30 EST

Not for me but hope the HULU person got it!

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@CaliaRose @MemberS2006 @andrewtoo @HokiePoq 

Guys, I truly sympathize with you, it may be semantics or as they say tomato tomahto BUT as I have said all along it’s the administrator (Merkle aka HelloWorld) that is the real problem with our rewards program not so much as (They do bear the ultimate responsibility though)

When this program went live despite many problems we did had access to a fair supply of rewards for points with decent $ value. The old R4G program was even better than what we have now. Admittedly there have been some improvements but the reduction in the number of rewards for points, which BTW results in almost immediate SOLD OUT status, and returning to only one (1) redemption per sponsor per month, sucks. 😫 I hate I missed the $25 Hulu card as I got one last month and I am enjoying the streaming service immensely. Sadly it’s rather difficult to win a random Points Only Card  these days. 4D77B9E5-3468-4CD7-8854-8EA7E3AA30F4.gif


Regrettably, I still have 2 of my redemptions for this month left (just nothing available except Phone Soap) Last month I was lucky enough to redeem my last 2 redemptions at the very last minute. None of us here in this Forum are looking for something free, or looking for a free ride. It takes time and effort to participate in this program and it’s only fair we get a chance at being rewarded for that.  Until we get rid of this Administrator running our rewards program I doubt things will improve very much. 

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It's like I said in another's poor planning. 1 card per member and selling out less than a day is poor planning. Survey sites with gift cards treat members way better than that, despite their own problems.


And I hate to be that blunt, but it's the truth.

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hope you see this in time to get one.


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@CaliaRose  @MemberS2006  remembered who needs Hulu!   Tagging you in hopes you see it.  Still up at 6:30 EST.  Good luck!

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@MemberS2006 @HokiePoq Very sweet.


But once again, AARP sends no email alerts when something is re-stocked. And once again, it is sold out within hours, because AARP refuses to get enough quanity to support the program. They won't even restock enough cards to last a whole day. 


I've been sick today and offline, and this is what happens. 


Apparently, AARP does not care that we can't spend our points because they won't keep cards restocked or have enough of them to last a whole day, rarely have points-only cards available, want to offer cards that benefit no one in a rural area (because they are stores that do not exist in those areas), but they have no problem taking the points away after so long.


Sorry for the rant, but it's the truth. Unfortunately. And it's not looking like things are gonna change, which makes me question if the rewards program is even worth trying to use.

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So sorry!   We were all pulling for you, @CaliaRose .   Do you get private message notices or is that disabled as well?   We  want to help.  And I hope you  are feeling better soon.

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Very kind. Yes, PM's are enabled. 


Thank you. So far, better today than yesterday. Hopefully it stays that way.

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Thanks @HokiePoq 


The card is showing in the middle of the catalog, at least for me.  
52,000 points.

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