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How to redeem my 13,000 plus rewards

I cannot know how to redeem my rewards I have 13,900 points

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@m337506s Thank you for participating in the AARP Rewards program! Check out our helpful article for info about redeeming your earned points:

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Okay, after you log in, click on "Rewards" (upper right). Then, when that page comes up, to the left is a box that says "Discover." Click on the down arrow next to "Discover", and select "Redeem," and then "All Rewards" in the drop-down box. Ways to use your points will be displayed there. I hate to tell you, but 13,000 points isn't a lot. Maybe you should take some quizzes or watch videos to earn more points. ("Discover", then "Earn.") But you can try "Instant Win" gift cards for 50 points each, or enter a sweepstakes for 100 points per entry, or choose a $5 gift card that costs less than the points you have (if it's not sold out). You'll get an e-mail if you won an instant win, or won a sweepstakes, or used your points for a gift card. Hope this helps.

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