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Hardly any points-only gift cards in October

What happened to all the points-only gift card choices we used to see? They were primarily displayed after 9:00 eastern time.

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@sl75349320 Points-only gift cards have continued to be available in the rewards catalog and they are posted randomly throughout the day. Please continue to check periodically for these items as they are very popular and do sell out fast.  

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I was wondering the same thing. Some info from AARP would be helpful here with what is going on with how we can spend our points. It would be nice with the new rolled out expiration of our points to know if I should even bother earning more. @aarp can we get some answers please?


I know you've probably already noticed that the same 7 Items are there always and now they've added 1 more. I hope that they're waiting for next month and surprise us 😴. Otherwise, accumulating Reward Points is just a waste of our time. They keep saying, get Reward Points for gifts and other prizes. I've accumulated over 100,000 points and I will not use my points for Sweepstakes and how many times can you Get your brain health score ?🤔. I'm hoping Monday November 1st will have better Items For Points. 

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