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Hello everyone 🤗. I really don't know who to address this problem to. I tried to redeem for 22,000 points for the Sierra gift card and it was available but at the top of the redeem page it said to continue I needed to renew my membership. My membership ends in April. So I restarted the page and went to redeem again and now it's sold out. Very unfair. I'm am a member. Screenshot_20220115-000350.pngScreenshot_20220115-000703.png

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We are looking into why this happened to you - stay tuned!


Hello and Thank you very much and Kudos to you Teri for taking care of this situation. I wish you were dealing with AARP sponsors. I had a issue with a gift card a year ago and you helped me then. Bless you Teri . I'm glad we have someone looking out for us. I'm just saying

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It's unfortunate you weren't able to redeem for the Sierra gift card.  I suspect there was only 1 left when you tried to redeem, and another member may have been redeeming at the same time or in that split second may have been already sold out even though it showed that it was still  available.  It seems when that happens, you will get a pop-up message to either log into your account or renew the membership.  My membership doesn't end until 2024, however, I get notices for automatic renewal.  On occasion, when trying to purchase the popular daily deals,  I get pop up messages, and by the time I refresh the page or log back in, the deal is sold out.

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