December 2022 Extra Credit Problems again

It took me several tries to get the videos and quiz done to try and get the Target and Amazon cards. But now all I get is we are experiencing technical difficulties when I try to redeem the point for them. Once I was told I was 22,000 pts short of being able to redeem for it. I have over a million points but none of them are showing in the top black banner.

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What's ironic about last night is that yesterday I competed with hundreds of thousands of people on Ticketmaster trying to get tix for the Cardinals/Cubs series in London and the process was quick and flawless.

For what it's worth, trying to deal with the website on Chrome (both Windows and mobile browsers) is still failing 10 hours later, Microsoft Edge is intermittent and Samsung's default mobile browser is actually the most stable (for both earning and burning points). Also, I discovered that when the site locks you out for

*too many incorrect logins* due to their errors, you can just change the password to your original one and get back in.

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if you're still awake, looks like the site is back up and both the $5 Target and Amazon cards are available for redemption ....


Well, that was about the WORST Extra Credit session in memory... and that's saying a LOT!! I had to take quizzes and watch most videos repeatedly before points would register in my Transaction History. Even when I completed a Lesson, it took FOREVER and innumerable error messages for me to successfully claim the one Gift Card I really wanted -- the $5 Amazon card for an exorbitant 25K points. What we all have to go through to accomplish what should be a simple, enjoyable and educational session always seems to end up being torturous, frustrating, and borderline criminal.

My suggestion -- seriously -- is for the AARP Rewards Program to be completely scrapped and then rebuilt from the ground up with a completely new IT team of experienced, competent and proven personnel. This patchwork whack-a-mole approach to fixing bugs and the crisis management of the Program have GOT to end. Put the Program and its current management out of their misery and start again anew. I for one can definitely do without the crippled and time-wasting Program for a month or more -- however long it takes to get it right -- and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here.

Rant over.

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It's 10:10am on the west coast and I read your first line and it made me laugh because what else can I do after last night. I agree with you totally that's why I said forget it and went to bed. this was really the WORST! Over and over watching videos and the quiz over and over not getting points. Why is this happening someone please give us an answer.

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Hi Gary, I totally agree with your comments, let's just start over. Anything would be better than this.

Oh. and BTW What is the deal with the new format on the Quiz Layout. I hate this to no end

The page jumps up and down after each entry and it makes me dizzy, does it on the laptop and ipad. Why did they have to change something that was working just fine



LET'S GO. Thats right tech support go right out the door and don't come back !!!!!



I do not see why AARPRewards' IT team needs to fix what already works and in the process makes it worse. Their time and effort would be better employed in fixing the problems that already exist, which are numerous and no doubt challenging.

This last round of extra credit was excrutiating; it was only after doing the 3 videos and the 1 quiz multiple times - talking 8-9 times each at least- that I could obtain the Amazon and Target cards that I wanted.

A dumpster fire!

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Alright, Alright, Alright

Can I get an amen ? 👍

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It was working so sweetly... UNTIL NOW. 😒

Imagine that!Imagine that!Oy Vey!Oy Vey!

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HI @shamit

I just posted about the same BS issues

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