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Daily Deals for the Week of 10/9 - 10/13/2023

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Community Manager

Daily Deals for the Week of 10/9 - 10/13/2023

Monday, October 7:  Michaels!  $50 gift card save 30%.


Tuesday, October 8th:  Staples!  $50 gift card save 30%.


Wednesday, October 9th:  Bath & Body Works!  $50 gift card save 30%.


Thursday, October 10th:  Cabela's!  $50 gift card save 30%.


Friday, October 6th:  Canvas Pop!  $50 gift card save 30%


Posted daily on Redemption page, links will be live from 12pm - 2pm ET while available.

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How many of these daily deal gift cards are there?  Even if I get one in my cart, it will tell me they are sold out when I try to pay.  I feel like my cart has been robbed. 


Even though I whine a lot, I'd like to thank @AARPTeri and @AARPJanelleM for their help over the years. 


I think there are so many people trying to get it.  The Staples card today was gone in a minute.  My husband managed to get it.  I was trying at the same time.  Hey you have to both try and probably still won't get 1.  I put it in my cart and immediately went to pay.  It said it was sold out.  So I would be surprised if there was over 100 cards available.


Millions of rewards members and thousands probably trying to get one.  It wasn't even a Member's Only card.  And I mean AARP members not rewards members.  Everything is getting harder to get.  Even the Member's Only cards since they opened up membership to anyone 18 or older. 


We are happy we got one.  We will use it for some ink for the printer.

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