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Daily Deal Sneak Peak 2/22/2021

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Where can I see the list of recent Instant Winners? Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

You can see the winners listed here:  


Daily IW:



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Thank you @AARPTeri .


I find this file interesting. I have not won an Instant win in over 6 months, maybe even 8. I play them every day. However there are people who have won 8 and 11 times in this file alone which covers the period of Nov 20 through Feb 10; one person even 20 times. How does this happen??? Are they employees? If they are not, then what are they doing that makes them so 'lucky' to win so often?

To check this I just scrolled through the file and some names seemed to come up fairly often. These are uncommon names not common ones. I realize that there are many Mary S and other common names playing these wins so one cannot say they are all the same person. However I seriously doubt that the names I selected to check are held by more than one person. And statistics would indicate that if they were held by more than one person, the odds of them winning instant wins in the same timeframe are very slim to null. As a matter of fact, the unusualness of their names is what made me see exactly how many times they won. 


By doing a 'control f' to do a search, one can enter in the first name then a space and then the first initial of the last name. Bingo. It even tells you how many times that name is listed in that file. You can also use the ^ and v arrows to see each win individually.


I have the names of those people I looked up if you are interested. I will not post it here for their privacy but you can contact me for that info. Perhaps you have the ability to run a report against this file with the number of wins for each person listed. I would venture that they would stand out even among those names which legitimately are different people (ie common names like Jim S and John D). 


Could you please look into this? If something is going on preventing those for whom the program was developed from winning, then it should either be stopped or we should be told.


Thank you for listening.

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Hi there Beach girl 

Thanks for your question and your post of details 

I've not checked it but recall issues with multiple wins by same person in old Rewards program (was much easier no download to see winners lists) raised my curiosity back then

Its been very long time since I've won also and play all that I can use even since they changed to lasting 7 days vs was 100 winners each day....I won few times back then 

There are folks who can manipulate systems so from your info seems its worthy of being checked out by mgmt 


Thanks again

Stay safe and have beautiful week! 

Ginger  ;  )



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Thank you, Ginger. We will see what AARPTeri can find out. 


You also stay safe!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for your concerns we are investigating these abnormalities and it’s our goal to make sure all aspects of the program uphold fair play standards. Additionally, these are not employees as employees are not eligible to win these.  

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Thank you @AARPTeri. I appreciate your looking into this. 

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