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Clean-up on aisle: 'All Rewards - For Points,' please. :D (RE: Sold Outs)

Gee whiz, peeps. 😉 Clean-up on Aisle All Rewards -- For Points. lol.png




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Hello Kelly 🌷

Happened to come to community to see if any posts about site being down... which sadly not only me... s'pose a glitch 🙃🤯 & its now after 12 reckon no Daily Deal today for those wanting it  😏

thought I'd check out recent posts

Wanna thank you for giving me a giggle 😃😆 today! THANKS!  I really love your choice of title here "Clean up on Aisle" cute idea & much needed & I agree with your thought of its own filter so much to wade through Thanks for sharing 

Enjoy your day! 

Ginger  ;  ) 

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Thanks, Ginger!


Unfortunately, they literally took the 'clean-up' part to the extreme, huh? 😂 


>>> What's with the lack of redeems for points? 😕 <<<


Have a good one! 🙂

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Sadly those Mother's Day cards are still available Makes no sense to me Why? 

Enjoy a lovely day 

Ginger :  )

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Oh, and these, too. 😄


Also, seems it has been requested, several times, for the Mother's Day e-cards to get archived, for later? These too.png


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Hi  @ KellyS503189 ‌ 💐


Agreed....TOO  MANY ecards ebooks & coloring sheets…all which can be found easily online for free. 😒

Therefore they are not “rewards”..... (nor are 10-20 % discounts) 🙄


Take care ~Allen ‌🌈

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Yeah, my gosh, what a wade-through. I seriously think the e-cards should have their own filter/tab, that way when you filter for points, they won't be part of the 'good stuff.' 😉 


Anyway, most sold-outs have been removed now...except the Mother's day e-cards. I suppose somebody's paying attention ('thanks' to whomever that would be).


Have a good weekend, Allen. 🙂

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Hi  @KellytheBelly

I’m too tired right now to write much so I’ll just say .....

Have a good weekend too! 😊




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