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Clarification of points rewards

Administrators please confirm if sold out points only rewards are supposed to be cleared end of each business day.

 Thank you 

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Over 20,000 points expire next month and still nothing to spend them on. This program has become useless, to be honest. Hardly anything gets re-stocked.

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@tinasinge After receiving lots of user feedback, we now update the catalog every Friday to remove those sold out items

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Looking today, Saturday to Wednesday, only sold out item is AARP Foundation contribution.   For points items (other than sweepstakes) they are mostly for magazines, color sheets and greeting cards.  

Health Assesment, GoodTrust and dating site aside and a couple of items like Garmin and Trelawear which have been there for months, correct me if I’m wrong, looks like since last Friday only possibly valuable additions are Sunglasses Hut and Coldstone.  Not much for that period of time. Can you please confirm with your Rewards vendor if we members should resign ourselves that this will be the new norm.

You have painfully seen over and over again the amount of member frustration not knowing and hoping for better rewards, present condition is creating.  I think if vendors could just say that merchants are going to be offering few items, at low value per month, at least they will have been honest and upfront about the value of participation in the rewards program and then members make an educated choice regarding our participation.  Thank you in advance to look into this with the program provider.

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This is what we call a deaf ear ear.jpg

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Hi, yes, I was hoping one of the administrators would have at least acknowledged my request and said something like “we hear you, sympathize, nothing we can do”.  Just the “sounds of silence”.  Take care stay safe. 

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But the problem is that they don't add new points items regularly. It takes FOREVER for them to re-stock $25 cards like Hulu. And I've already had 6,000 points expire, now over 20,000 points are expiring next month, and I have nothing to use them on. Although I'm waiting for Hulu, the other stuff is stores not near me/I don't use/cards that would not benefit me at all.

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