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April AARP Foundation Contributions are now available!

Donate 4,000 points to Help End Senior Poverty


Your point contribution to support AARP Foundation, AARP’s charitable affiliate, is a gift of hope for seniors who may feel forgotten and without options. For seniors struggling to meet their basic needs, your point contribution is a lifeline.



Individual AARP Rewards participants may contribute up to 8,000 points a month, depending on availability. Your point contribution to support AARP Foundation will result in a payment from AARP to AARP Foundation. Your point contribution is not tax-deductible. AARP Foundation Donations do not count towards any other monthly redemption limits.

Social Butterfly

Hello @AARPTeri 


Thanks for highlighting the fact that members may contribute 8,000 points per month to the AARP Foundation, however, I only see an opportunity to give 4,000 points thus far.  When will be see separate box to contribute the other 4,000 this month?


I realize that we have had an opportunity to "Contribute 4,000 points to Help Seniors with Free Tax Preparation" during the past few months.  If the Foundation does not need contributions for tax preparation help, then certainly they have other programs that we could support with another 4,000 point contribution.


I hope we get another 4,000 point AARP Foundation contribution opportunity posted to the catalog soon?


Thanks so much!

Retired Community Manager

@andrewtoo  Another opportunity to contribute your points to AARP Foundation will be posted in the catalog this week for April. Participants will be able to contribute their points towards efforts to assist with senior isolation. As soon as that item is posted for redemption in the catalog we will let you know here in the community first! Thanks again for your support!

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