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I have an AARP login and account and when I click on the rewards tab it ask me to register and when I put in my phone number in it says this phone is not eligible. aarp has had me reset my password, clear browser. IT techs have added my phone to my account ( it was already there) anyways it doesn't work still. anyone else every had this problem. I don't have a cell phone it is my internet phone. They told me that wouldn't matter they would just call me. Any suggestions?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Debbie - sorry to hear that you are having an issue getting activated in the Rewards program.  I have escalated internally and hope to have quicker resolution for you!


Updated 6/1 - I understand your issue has been resolved.  Please notify me if this is not the case.  

Social Butterfly


Welcome Debbie

Sorry your having issues let's ask for help from Teri 


Teri can you help Debbie out with getting her Rewards account setup finalized?? Thanks!  😉

Hopefully Teri can help with finishing your setup for Rewards account or turn over to those that will


I went looking and was going to suggest going to Forum: Rewards Tips but its setup has been changed not easy to find past threads of info about when they updated system that we must link a phone # to our accounts ... there were alot of posts and suggestions back then about Phone # requirement

*while you wait you may can search community*

Good luck and again welcome

Have a beautiful day! 

Ginger  ;  )


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