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AARP Consider Giving Paying Members 4 Redemptions

AARP Consider Giving Paying Members  4 Redemptions per month.  Leave non paying members at 3 redemptions. This will give us paying members a feeling of appreciation for our continued support to you. We would feel like we're getting more then those non paying members and it would be a win win for you and us. You already give us 7500 points to earn VS 5000 for non members so a precedant has been set to reward members a little more.

Regular Contributor

They can also limit $10 cards to Members only

and increase Instant Wins to $20 or 25.

Super Contributor

Getting 4 redemptions won't help me, since I can never get the rewards I want.  The ones I want are almost always sold out before I even see them.  They really need to offer more rewards so we can get them before they sell out.

Silver Conversationalist

Great idea!   There needs to be some incentive in the Rewards program to reward members other than the points thing.  What good are points if there's nothing to spend them on?   This would be a relatively easy  one to be done.   

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