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$5 for 12000 points Subway Redemption Not Working

A new $5 Subway card has been posted, but I am not able to redeem it. Here is what happens. 


1) Click the Subway Card redemption option. 

2) The popup screen with "Redeem" option is displayed. 

3) Click on the "Redeem" button. 

4). The "Just making sure..." popup screen gets displayed with both the "Cancel" and "Confirm" buttons. 

5) Click on the "Confirm" button. 

6) The "Just making sure..." popup gets displayed again, but this time with just the "Cancel" button. 

7) If you click on "Cancel", the whole cycle repeats, with no way to actually redeem the reward. 


This appears to be a technical/programming bug. Can someone look into it please? 

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Yes, I have been trying too, and am getting the same thing. I forgot to check, but don't think it removed points for it. 

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went in to check again and still the same, but yet it says only a few left. Makes me think that some can get it, but others can not? Has anyone ever gotten an instant win? I tried different ones for ages, but never hit one.

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It seems like if one had redeemed this same deal last month, then this error appears to pop up. Normally all rewards should reset at the start of the month, but with all the weird stuff that's been going on with the rewards program, who knows....

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Hey Gita 

One would assume they reset at 1st of month but not always case if its same offer as was last day of month(carried over?) can't redeem again....I had 'already redeemed can only do one time' come up on Krispy Kreme card I tried redeem June 1st I'd redeemed May 28th so wouldn't work 😞

Since its now been sold out should be able redeem if another 'New' offer becomes available 

I personally don't think should be that way but is 

Ginger ;  ) 

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Hey Gita I've not tried redeem it but let's ask Teri for help cause that is definitely not way should be 

@AARPTeri  Teri any thoughts ideas about this issue? Appreciate any help thanks

Ginger  ;  ) 

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