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$15 IHOP Gift Card for 32,000 Points

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Right now there is a $25 card for some very expensive vests...more like a $25 discount.  I had not heard of them but looked it up.   Turns out this product has been on Shark Tank.

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Sold out now but I did get one.   Maybe we  can go there after we get the vaccine.  

Did anyone see any for points only items over the weekend?   I didn't this weekend or last weekend.  I missed the great $25 one last week.  I have seen one offer per day for five days, no weekends, the last two weeks.  Have I missed something or is that what's been offered?

Trying to wrap my head around how many participants there are (lots, but I don't know how many)  and how many worthwhile rewards are offered.   I also do not know exactly how many of each offer exists when it's offered.   Red Robin stayed available for a fair amount of time; IHOP went fairly quickly.   Don't know if that means less available or more popular.

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Have not seen any a new over the weekend as well. Some recently offered are basically geographical, I think, as there are no Red Robins in my area. That'd be in the North. IHOP is, however, here locally -- there are IHOPs everywhere. Yet, with being vegan I cannot eat a thing on their menu. No need to redeem when somebody else can use it. I will try my patience until Jan 31st, 2021. 😉


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That would explain why Red Robin lasted longer.  I have difficulty finding anything there but the grands love the children's menu, so we end up there at times.  DH likes the senior omelets at IHOP, me not so much but it was one of the few I've seen live in the last month or two.

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