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$10 Apple Gift Card just arrived

Just Posted a $10 Apple Gift Card to the catalog 😃

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Hey Lucy



It's been there since yesterday afternoon we posted it under other thread of Available Now 

Take care

Ginger  ;  )


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I have not seen the new thread. I cannot find it even. Why having a different thread? 

There is a lovely saying that indicates if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


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@gm5271   That's odd.  I just now saw it after 11 a.m. EST and didn't see it earlier.  I could have overlooked it, I guess, but had checked several times this morning.

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Hi Hokie

Its a strange one indeed and still available 

I never saw till 9PMish went to 'Latest' thread posted about it then noticed another had posted it at 3:30pm on that thread I'd not seen around that time & checked all through day... weird 🤯

Lately there located in different areas used be just after Instant wins 

Its anyone's guess there's been few times a post say one I'd have to really search and/or restart to find it 

I'm very grateful for all the offers they've been having I've not gotten them but sure hope I don't miss when Amazon or Walmart come around



Hi no harm intended just a thread in this forum I started(Latest Points Only Available) after reading a suggestion of having one with all in same thread vs individual posts like Redemption codes are done but either works and is awesome


Take care stay safe

Ginger ;  )


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People can blame me, lol.   Yes, either way is good and is a great benefit for being in the community.

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