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Welcome New Members!

We have some  New members here on the Front Porch that should be Welcomed here! So let's each tell them about yourself and where you are from. City, State or State would be good. Hobbes, collections, favorite books, TV shows or Netflix series.


Mary and I are big sports fans like Brewers, Packers and UW Madison sports. We are collectors of Fiesta Ware. We live in Madison, Wisconsin. We have 3 daughters that are teachers or working with foster kids. We belong to a Trivia League. 

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Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
Honored Social Butterfly

We have two guidelines on the Front Porch when it comes to topics! No political or religious topics. AARP has several groups that cover those topics.  The Front Porch has always been a safe haven for those that want to get away and relax! 

There is a feeling that it is almost impossible to change someone's mind on the Internet.

Thank you!



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Honored Social Butterfly

Welcome all newbies to AARP and Our Front Porch!  There is plenty of information and things to do around the site and there's always room for new folks here.  


Now, in keeping with Dave's request, here's a little bit about me:  I'm a midwesterner who's not yet retired. That being said, I'm going to start off here with just a few of my favortie hobbies:


1.  Love surfing the net.Related image



2.  There's nothing like reading....

Image result for sleeping while reading animated gif


....until I fall asleep while doing it!

Image result for sleeping while reading animated gif


3.  And a nice massage....

sleepy cat GIF

...leaves me purrrfectly relaxed.


Anyway, those are my top three hobbies.  I'll list a few more later.  Do forget to list your fav things to do. And again...Welcome!


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