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Today is March 24th and it is:

World Tuberculosis Day


World Tuberculosis Day is a worldwide event that aims to raise public awareness about tuberculosis and the efforts made to prevent and treat this disease. This event is held on March 24 each year and is promoted by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO).


March 24th marks the day in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch detected the cause of tuberculosis--the TB bacillus. This was a first step towards diagnosing and curing tuberculosis. World Tuberculosis Day can be traced back to 1982, when the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease launched World TB Day on March 24 that year, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Dr. Koch’s discovery.


I plan on posting interesting tidbits about each day/date of the calendar.  I hope others will add to it as well.  It can be related to any subject as long as it happened on or is correlated in some way with that particular date.

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It might  have been widely eaten because it was inexpensive then, but things have changes DRASTICALLY ,,  the coast of bacon is over $7.00 a pound now. 

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Posted by teamgg | Dec 26, 2022 | FYI, National Food Calendar 

National Candy Cane Day is on December 26, and while that doesn’t mean it’ll keep us from munching on the sugary sticks as early as Thanksgiving, it does give us a chance to indulge as much as we can before New Year’s. With beginnings in 17th-century Germany, these sweet treats were curved to represent the shepherds’ crooks. They later made their way to the states in the mid-19th century. Now we see them everywhere, even on trees.


  1. Add some candy canes to your hot chocolate

    If you're like our families, you might use this day to rest and recharge after days of bustling around for the holidays. It's the perfect excuse to curl up with some hot chocolate. Celebrate candy canes by crushing some up into your warm drink.

  2. Make peppermint bark

    You may be tired of cookies and other baked goods. If so, this will be the perfect treat since it's made with crushed candy canes, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. Peppermint bark can also serve as the perfect "thank you" for that sweet gift your received.

  3. Stock up for next year

    It's the day after Christmas, which usually means the cost of candy canes has gone down a bit. Check out some stores to stock up. They last two to three years.








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December 21, 2022: Day of the Week

December 21, 2022 is the 355th day of the year 2022 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 10 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week is Wednesday.

When Is the Winter Solstice?

The first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere is marked by the winter solstice, which occurs on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at 4:48 P.M. EST.

For the northern half of Earth (the Northern Hemisphere), the winter solstice occurs annually on December 21 or 22. (The Southern Hemisphere’s winter solstice occurs in June.) The winter solstice is the day with the fewest hours of sunlight in the whole year, making it the “shortest day” of the year. Thankfully, after we reach the winter solstice, the days begin to once again grow longer and longer until we reach the summer solstice—the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.



Think of it this way: Although the winter solstice means the start of winter, it also means the return of more sunlight. It only gets brighter from here!


  • d’Or and was named the best footballer in Europe ahead of Manchester United midfielder David Beckham.

Art and Culture Events Today

  • In 1937, the first colour animated film with sound, Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered.
  • In 2012, the music video of South Korean rapper Psy’s hit song Gangnam Style, became the first YouTube video to cross a billion views.
  • In 2016, the Indian sports biopic Dangal, starring megastar Aamir Khan, premiered. The film grossed over $300 million worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing Indian film of all time.




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What is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?


Have the holidays let you down? Do you feel like the magic and mystique of Christmas has faded with maturity and age? Well fear not my fine friends. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is here to save you. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is a day of light hearted fun and a day to be yourself and not that buttoned up corporate version of yourself you have grown to despise. Most importantly, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is a day to make the holidays fun...the way they were intended to be! So this National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, leave the school uniform at home, keep the preppy office blouse in your closet, and whatever you do, don't even think about taking your suit to work. All you need to wear is your ugly Christmas sweater because this is your day, this is our day, this is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

When is this magical day?

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is celebrated on the third Friday of December each year. In 2022, it falls on Friday, Dec 16th.


How can I participate?

Participating in National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is quite easy. By following the three easy steps below, you can be an active participant in the world's greatest holiday.


      Check out our list of preferred vendors for ideas of where to pick up an ugly Christmas sweater for men or women. Tipsy Elves is the official sponsor of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and their sweaters have been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, where they received an investment from one of the sharks on the show. They have hundreds of hilarious, cute and festive ugly Christmas sweaters to choose from. They also allow you to subscribe to their email list and receive 20% off of your first order with them.



      Rock your sweater all day and all night, from the time you wake up till the time you sleep. No breaks. No copouts. No excuses. The sweater must stay on.



    Share this special day with friends and help us spread the word. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people participate in National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, and with your help, we can put this holiday on the calendar for years to come!






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December 13th ushers in a celebration worthy of the winter holidays with National Cocoa Day. What better way to warm up after a cold day outside?


We make hot cocoa with cocoa powder, heated milk or water, and sugar. However, Americans often use hot chocolate and hot cocoa interchangeably, sometimes causing a bit of confusion. There is a difference between the two beverages. We make hot chocolate by using ground chocolate containing cocoa butter. We mix it with hot milk, and it is drinking chocolate.  

Hot chocolate is also known as drinking chocolate.


We make hot cocoa from cocoa powder. We produce a paste called chocolate liquor through the fermentation, drying, roasting, and grinding process of cocoa beans. Through another method, they separate cocoa butter, leaving cocoa powder. We use this cocoa powder to make hot cocoa. The result has very little fat and calories.

Cocoa History

The Mayans are credited with creating the first chocolate beverage around 2000 years ago. Culturally, cocoa became an essential part of the Aztec civilization by 1400 AD.  After the drink found its way from Mexico through the New World, Europeans popularized the chocolate drink. However, it has undergone multiple changes since then.  Until the 19th century, drinkers used hot chocolate medicinally to treat ailments such as stomach diseases. 


In the United States, an instant form of the drink is popular. Mixed with hot water or milk, the packet contains mostly cocoa powder, sugar, and dry milk. We also like to add marshmallows or whipped cream. It makes the chocolatey drink creamier and sweeter. What better way to celebrate National Cocoa Day?

friends and family. They fill these chocolate spheres with cocoa, marshmallows, and many of the ingredients listed above for a delightful hot cocoa treat. What’s your favorite way to enjoy hot cocoa? Share your celebration using #NationalCocoaDay to post on social media.


Undeterred by our research, National Day Calendar® continues seeking the origins of this toasty holiday.

Hot Cocoa FAQ

Q. Can I use hot cocoa mix to make a dessert?
A. Yes. While we first think of hot cocoa when we open that container, there are other ways to use it. Use cocoa mix in baking to add a chocolatey flavor to cookies, breads, and cakes. Another way to enjoy that cocoa flavor is by mixing it into your ice cream and topping it with marshmallows.

Q. What other beverages can I use cocoa mix in?
A. Do you like chocolate flavor in your coffee? Add a teaspoon or two of the cocoa mix to your morning coffee.






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On December 11, National Stretching Day is dedicated to educating people on the numerous benefits that come with practitioner assisted-stretching.


This is a good topic for us older folks.

How many of you do some type of stretching. If so what? 

We have private TV channel here at our retirement center.

We also have a gym with different types of exercise equipment which features light workouts. 

The TV shows have some types of seated yoga or stretching movements. 



Flexibility is one of the most significant components to leading a healthy lifestyle. When most think about stretching, it is in relation to one or two stand-by stretches that are held for a few seconds and released. However, this isn’t the most efficient form of stretching.

There is a way to stretch that can make you feel a difference. On National Stretching Day, we are bringing awareness to why incorporating practitioner assisted-stretching into your everyday routine will make your movements more efficient. In fact, your stretching movements will be more effortless and pain-free on a daily basis.

Importance of Stretching

Why is stretching important? Stretching improves our lifestyle and helps us live a better life. When we stretch daily, we increase our mobility and keep our muscles flexible and strong. Due to sedentary lifestyles of growing older or over stressed muscles, people develop excessive resting muscle tone causing everyday movement to be difficult, cumbersome, or painful. Our independence becomes compromised, partially due to a greater inability 


On December 11, National Stretching Day is dedicated to educating people on the numerous benefits that come with practitioner assisted-stretching.

#National Stretching Day

Flexibility is one of the most significant components to leading a healthy lifestyle. When most think about stretching, it is in relation to one or two stand-by stretches that are held for a few seconds and released. However, this isn’t the most efficient form of stretching.

There is a way to stretch that can make you feel a difference. On National Stretching Day, we are bringing awareness to why incorporating practitioner assisted-stretching into your everyday routine will make your movements more efficient. In fact, your stretching movements will be more effortless and pain-free on a daily basis.

Importance of Stretching

Why is stretching important? Stretching improves our lifestyle and helps us live a better life. When we stretch daily, we increase our mobility and keep our muscles flexible and strong. Due to sedentary lifestyles of growing older or over stressed muscles, people develop excessive resting muscle tone causing everyday movement to be difficult, cumbersome, or painful. Our independence becomes compromised, partially due to a greater inability to move.


Daily stretching exercises or getting regularly stretched by a certified practitioner will keep joints moving efficiently as we age. This will keep our body healthy. A few additional key benefits to stretching:

  • Relieves stiffness and soreness in your joints.
  • Increases and maintains your active range of motion.
  • Improves circulation and blood flow.
  • Mitigates muscle imbalances that can lead to poor posture. Strengthening and stretching specific muscle groups can assist in promoting proper alignment.
  • Re-establishes a more ideal resting muscle tone and optimal muscle extensibility making movement easier and more efficient.
  • Supports injury prevention, enhances athletic skills and improves your ability to do daily activities.
  • Helps with stress reduction, calming the mind and decreasing tension headaches.
  • It makes you feel lighter and younger.

Stretching Benefits

Being stretched by a professional on a regular basis helps to relax your muscles while at the same time improves your active range of motion and ultimately your daily motor skills.

The main goal of practitioner assisted-stretching is to be able to move further efficiently and effortlessly. Over time, a persons tolerance to stretch systematically increases. Eventually, your muscles will freely extend further to ultimately make life better. Practitioner assisted-stretching enables you to regain the ability to do what you once enjoyed doing and continue to be active for the rest of your life.

Stretching Truths

Research shows that the limiting factor to increase lasting apparent muscle extensibility is not the length or viscoelastic properties of the muscle. You cannot truly ‘stretch’ a muscle because muscles are not very elastic do not ‘stretch’ to a longer length. Instead, muscle extensibility depends upon the muscles’ sensitivity to tolerate the stretch.

Muscle length does not profoundly change despite what the word stretch implies. In truth, muscles extend further and further by increasing their “tolerance” to a stretch. Regular stretches at the right intensity and frequency builds stretch-tolerance and apparent muscle extensibility. Studies also show stretching one or two days per week was adequate to maintain range of movement (ROM) gains. Stretching three or more days per week allows you to attain further ROM gains.


  • Develop a new daily stretching routine and stick to it.
  • Learn about the short and long-term benefits of stretching.
  • Join a Yoga class.
  • Play a nightly game of Twister with your family and have fun stretching.
  • Volunteer at a retirement facility and engage residents to practice daily stretching techniques.
  • Join a stretching class.
  • Document your stretching journey and watch your progress.
  • Learn about the Stretch Zone Method.
  • Share your photos of your stretching routine on social media using #NationalStretchingDay.


National Day Calendar is pleased to welcome Stretch Zone to the National Day Calendar Founder Family. Beginning in 2022, we will celebrate National Stretching Day on December 11 and each year after.

Stretch Zone was founded in 2004 by Jorden Gold after watching diabetes deteriorate his Pop-Pop (grandfather) and seeing him become immobile as a result. Gold believed he could apply a proprietary stretching method to help individuals increase their mobility, while reaping the many benefits that proper stretching offers. This became known as the Stretch Zone method and led to the creation of the world’s first and largest stretching franchise.







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National Lager Day on December 10th raises a glass to the third most popular beverage after water and tea. While lager is typically characterized as a light, summer beer we believe that every season deserves to be celebrated with a few of your favorite things.


Lagers are distinguished from other beers by using a cold-conditioning process. The types of yeast used are referred to as “bottom-fermenting” yeast or yeast that can develop at colder temperatures. Before the advent of refrigeration, brewers perfected this process in cellars dug into the ground and filled with ice. Those who taste the delicious results described the lager as “crisp” and “refreshing.” It is no wonder that this method caught on and produced a wide variety of brews synonymous with regional and national brands.

With so many choices from pale, amber or dark, not to mention the many craft varieties there is are endless possibilities for your enjoyment. So, grab some friends and celebrate this midwinter season with the taste of Summer.


National Lager Day offers a variety of ways to celebrate. You can start by ordering a flight to discover delicious new lagers. While you do that, invite a few friends to join you. We know that’s one of the best ways to Celebrate Every Day!


  • At home, you can explore homebrew lagers.
  • Learn about the brewing process firsthand by taking a tour of a local brewery. The brewmasters invest a lot of time in getting their lagers just right and take a lot of pride in their craft. 
  • Do some reading. We suggest the Little Book of Lager: A guide to the world’s most popular style of beer by Melissa Cole or A Brief History of Lager: 500 Years of the World’s Favourite Beer by Mark Dredge.  
  • Bake some homemade beer bread. Try this>> Veggie Beer Bread recipe and enjoy it with your favorite lager. 

While enjoying your favorite lager, order a pair of beer socks for you and your friends. Be sure to use #NationalLagerDay to post a photo of you wearing them on social media.

Styles of Lager

For a moment now, I’m going to get all Forrest Gump on everyone because there just are so many styles of lager to appreciate. There’s the Pilsner, which has “sub” styles: European, German, Czech, and some American variations. There’s Kölsch, which is cloudy, a bit fruity but a lot hoppy and starts out with a warm fermentation (as opposed to a cool one, which is typical of the style) before it’s lagered at cold temperatures. There’s also the international pale lager, which you’ll typically find in a clear or green bottle. There’s American pale lager, which many lovingly refer to as “old man beer.” (Fun fact: at my last family reunion, which had some “old men” in attendance, we had our first annual Old Man Beer Tasting so we “young folk” could become acquainted with the classics—and we loved them! Mostly.) Hoppy lagers, also known as IPL, are, as the name suggests, very hoppy versions of the lager. And then there are the darker versions of the style, which include dark and amber lagers, altbier, Schwarzbier, Munich Dunkel, Oktoberfest/Marzen, Baltic porter, Bock, and Doppelbock. And within all those styles are even more variations!

If you want to geek out further on the topic, we have an excellent in-depth style guide to>>  check out here.




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NATIONAL PASTRY DAY December 9th, 2022.

National Pastry Day celebrates one of the world’s most favored baked goods. On December 9th, visit your local bakery and pick up one or two of your favorite kinds.


The pastry is a name given to a large variety of baked goods which are made with ingredients such as flour, sugar, milk, butter, shortening, baking powder, and eggs. Pastry dough is rolled out thinly and then used as a base for different baked products.  A few of the more common bakery items include pies, tarts, quiches, and pasties. Bakers create both savory and sweet dishes from the doughs they create. Additionally, they continue to develop new and delicious creations all the time!

  • Pastries can be traced as far back as the ancient Mediterranean where they had almost paper-thin, multilayered baklava and Phyllo dough.
  • Pastry-making began in Northern Europe after the Crusaders brought it back from the Mediterranean.
  • French and Italian Renaissance chefs eventually perfected the puff and choux pastries while 17th and 18th-century chefs brought new recipes to the table.  Included in the innovative recipes were Napoleons, cream puffs, and eclairs.

Culinary historians often consider French pastry chef Antonin Careme (1784 – 1833) to have been the original great master of pastry making in modern times.

Many different types of pastry deliver baked goods that make our mouths water. Most of them fall into one of the following categories:

  • Shortcrust pastry – simplest and most common.
  • Sweetcrust pastry – similar to the shortcrust but sweeter.
  • Flaky pastry – simple pastry that expands when cooked.
  • Puff pastry – has many layers that cause it to puff when baked.
  • Choux pastry – very light pastry that is often filled with cream or other fillings.
  • Phyllo pastry – paper-thin pastry dough that is used in many layers.


Get baking! Choose your favorite recipes, or try one of the delicious ones below. While you’re baking, be sure to invite someone over to help you enjoy the delicious results. Another way to celebrate is by visiting your local bakery and giving them a shout-out. It’s one of the best ways to #CelebrateEveryDay! Be sure to use #NationalPastryDay and share it on social media when you do.

Apple Turnovers
Minute Peach Tart
Cream Cheese Kolacky

Pastry-Day (1).jpg








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If you like chocolate and you like cake, then National Sacher Torte Day on December 5th is a perfect day for you! The layered ingredients make this dessert a delicious torte!


Sacher Torte, also known as Sachertorte, is a unique type of chocolate cake. Austrian Franz Sacher invented it in 1832. Vienna considers the Sachertorte one of their most famous culinary specialties.

At the age of 16, Franz Sacher was only an apprentice to the chef when Prince Wenzel Von Metternich ordered a special dessert from the kitchen for his guests. With the chef ill, Sacher stepped in for his superior and created what is known worldwide as the Sacher Torte.

His son, Eduard, went on to perfect this decadent dessert. He created the Sacher Torte by layering apricot jam between a rich, chocolate sponge cake and topped it with a layer of chocolate icing.

The original recipe is a secret protected today and served exclusively by the Sacher Hotels in Vienna and Salzburg.

Cake vs. Torte

Cakes and tortes are very similar. In fact, tortes are a type of cake. It is the ingredients that make a torte a torte. Like the ingredients that make an angel food cake bake up light and tall, a torte’s ingredients give it a heavier base and a tighter crumb. Additionally, tortes tend to be layered crosswise with ganache, frosting, or fruit. Tortes use very little flour and use ground nuts or breadcrumbs instead.

There are various tortes to make. Some tortes only have a couple of layers. However, others stack up thin, beautiful layers full of rich flavor.


When you celebrate this delicious torte, you’ll want to serve a generous dollop of fresh whipped cream with it. Brew a fresh pot of coffee, too. This rich cake deserves a hot beverage to complement it.

Do you have a version of this specialty cake? Please share it with us using #NationalSacherTorteDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this chocolatey food.

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@DaveMcK...Oh, Dave, back in the 80's, my husband and I took a European trip and we actually had Sacher Torte at the real Hotel Sacher!!!! 😺

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National Roof Over Your Head Day was created as a day to be thankful for what you have, starting with the roof over your head. There are many things that we have that we take for granted and do not stop to appreciate how fortunate we are for having them.


All across our nation, there are many that do not have the things that are necessary to everyday life. They may lack a roof over their heads, enough food to eat, or clothes to wear. For those who have those bare necessities, it may be insufficient.

There have been a lot of creative moves made to help alleviate this problem, with one notable method being rolled out in Salt

Lake City, Utah.

The city discovered it was paying $20,000 a year to handle their homeless issue, including policing, arrests, healthcare, jail time, just to name a few. So instead they built homes they could put their homeless into for just $7,800 a year. Since then, homeless in the city has dropped by 72%, all while saving the town money.

How to Celebrate National Roof Over Your Head Day

The best way to celebrate National Roof Over Your Head Day is to get out there and start being a solution to the homeless problem. Sure, there aren’t many of us who could actually afford to house the homeless on our own, but there are steps we could take to help motivate our leaders to do it. After all, look at the numbers above in Utah, those numbers ring true across the United States, and in fact across the world.

20221017_152018 (1) AA.jpg


We live in the forth floor apartment in the upper right corner.


Mary loves to decorate our apartment.




Livingroom before we hung pictures.



Mary's father painted some of our pictures

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National Bartender Day recognizes the servers who not only know every cocktail in the book but who also tend to be some of the best listeners around. Also known as National Bartender Appreciation Day, the observance takes a day to raise a toast to the men and women working the late nights. Their minds contain an index of creative cocktails and mixed drinks to quench their patron’s thirst.


The best bartenders keep an eye out for their clientele. They bring us in with some of the best chili and snacks. Then, they keep us coming back all year long with football, baseball, and hockey. Some make a home in dive bars where everyone knows each other. Others keep us company in airport bars as we’re passing through.

At the pub or our favorite restaurant, they keep the bar stocked and ready to serve. Whether it’s a shot, a craft beer or club soda, they are prepared to pour. You know who we’re talking about. And at the end of the night, at closing time, they offer taxis and rideshares, too. Then it’s time to clean up and start all over again.


Show your bartender some appreciation. Tip them extra well. Be the designated driver for your group. Accept the taxi when it’s offered. Make their job a little bit easier. As always, remember never to drink and drive. Use #NationalBartenderDay to share on social media.


Sailor Jerry Rum founded Bartender Appreciation Day in 2011 to honor hard-working bartenders everywhere.



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At this age i don't go to bars any more, but in my younger days i had two special bars i went to often. One i worked as a bar maid. They both bring back pleasant memories!

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Each year on November 28th, people across the United States enjoy National French Toast Day. Also known as eggy bread or omelet bread, it makes a great breakfast for guests or part of a brunch.  



Home cooks and professionals alike whip up a few personal favorites when it comes to french toast recipes. The base consists of eggs and milk whisked together. Bread is dipped into the mixture and fried until golden. Many people also add some sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon to the base.

The flavor of French toast can be brightened with a squeeze of fresh orange or stuffed with sauteed apples and cinnamon. Make French toast kid-friendly by cutting it into sticks. Then dip the sticks into syrup. Substitute sugary syrup with a fruit puree and fresh fruit pieces. Nuts and seeds add crunch to this delicious breakfast fare, and don’t forget the whipped cream! Just a dollop goes a long way.


Make French toast as part of a big breakfast. Freeze leftovers for easy breakfasts later in the week. Have breakfast for dinner. Share your favorite French toast recipes. Do you love cinnamon and vanilla? What’s the best fruit toppings? Add apple butter or another jam. Share your favorite combinations using #NationalFrenchToastDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator and the origin of National French Toast Day.

French Toast FAQ

Q. How do I get the edges of my French toast crispy?
A. Perfect French toast puffs up a bit and has a slightly crispy exterior. If your French toast leans more toward the soggy side, try these tips for firmer, crispier French toast.

1. Set your bread out the night before and let it go stale. Stale bread holds up better than fresh when you’re making French toast.
2. Don’t use too much dairy. Sometimes we get pour happy and overdo the amount of milk we use.
3. Add something sweet to the egg and milk mixture like a squeeze of orange juice or a little sugar. When the sugar caramelizes, it will add a crispy texture to the edges of your French toast.
4. Make sure your skillet or griddle is hot enough but not too hot. The sweet spot will depend on the oil you’re using, but it’s usually between medium and medium-high heat.







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Each year on November 27th, National Bavarian Cream Pie Day recognizes a pie that makes a grand entrance. This rich and delectable dessert is possible, thanks to the French chef, Marie-Antione Carême.

Bavarian Cream Pie Day

In the early 19th century, Carême established many of the French cooking techniques still used today. He’s even given credit for abolishing some practices from his kitchens. One dessert Carême receives credit for includes the creation of Bavarian cream. Perhaps he didn’t create it but perfected this gelatin-based pastry cream. Initially, gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels served Bavarian cream pie in France in the early 19th century.

Also called crème bavaroise, Bavarian cream is a custard made with gelatin that allows the cream to set more firmly in molds. The cream allows a variety of flavors, hence numerous recipes. Once you’ve made the preferred flavor of Bavarian cream, pour into a pie crust and chill until set. Bavarian cream compliments many other desserts, too. 


This delicious dessert is a perfect one to share. Make one at home or sneak out for dessert at your favorite restaurant. Another option is to pick up a pie at your local bakery or café. Be sure to give them a shout-out. It’s a terrific way to #CelebrateEveryDay! 





images (5).jpeg




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     Eat a Cranberry Day

When is Eat a Cranberry Day? This holiday is always observed on November 23

Eat a Cranberry Day is today, a November 23 holiday. Native to North America, cranberries are good for you. They are nutritious and healthy. And, there are a whole lot of recipes that use cranberries, from cranberry sauce to muffins, cakes, pies, and more. With countless recipes, it’s not a question of whether you will consume cranberries today, it’s a question of how many.

Native to North America, cranberries are grown in bogs. They are primarily grown in New England and four other states. When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, they found Native Americans harvesting them, and eating them.  Native Americans also used them as dyes for clothing, and medicinal purposes.

Cranberry Trivia

  • Cranberries help to fight and prevent urinary tract infections.
  • The cranberry harvest season runs from October to December. The timing is perfect for holiday baking.
  • Small air pockets in the berries allow them to float.
  • Cranberries are grown in 5 states. They are Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.
  • They are used in fabric dyes.

How to Celebrate Eat a Cranberry Day

  • Look for beauty in everything today.
  • Share beautiful, thoughts, pictures, stories, etc.
  • Dress up to look your best.
  • Take pictures of beautiful things you see.
  • Enjoy another day in paradise.

Today's Quote

“Never a lip is curved with pain that can’t be kissed into smiles again.” – – Bret Harte

History and Origin of Eat a Cranberry Day

We did not find any information about the origin of this special day, when it began, or who originated it.

The date for this holiday logically falls right in the middle of the cranberry harvesting season






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National Fast Food Day

When is National Fast Food Day? This holiday is always observed on November 16

Today is National Fast Food Day, a November 16 holiday. Americans are always fast-moving, and always in a rush. As a result of our on-the-go lifestyle, we need to eat quickly and are usually unwilling or unable to wait long for our food to be prepared. As a result, fast food restaurants came into existence and are thriving. They have been a part of the American restaurant scene since the early 1950s.

Fast food restaurants are conveniently located on countless street corners. They are in malls and shopping centers. Breakfast and lunch are the meals we tend to rush through most often. We are in a hurry to get to work. We have a short lunch break.  Many times, we are in a hurry to get a quick bite before a movie, show, or party. On the other hand, dinners are often a meal to savor and enjoy in a more leisurely manner.  

Happy National Fast Food Day

Top Five Fast Food Restaurants

There’s no surprise who is at the top of this list. 

  1. McDonald’s has the number 1 position with over $38.5 billion in sales. They have over 36,000 stores all over the world.
  2. Starbucks has $19.7 billion in sales worldwide. 
  3. Subways sell over $10.4 billion a year.
  4. Taco Bell has $10.3 billion in annual sales.
  5. Chick-fil-A rounds off the top five with $10 billion in annual says. That’s a lot of chicken!

How to Celebrate National Fast Food Day

Participating in National Fast Food Day is easy. You are probably already doing so, on a regular basis.

  • All you have to do, is eat or drink at a fast food restaurant today.
  • To be a full-fledged participant on this special day, eat in fast food restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Take the challenge. Eat or drink at each of the top 5 fast-food restaurants.

Thought forToday

Does running from your responsibilities count as cardio?

History and Origin of National Fast Food Day

Our research did not reveal the creator of National Fast Food Day. The great mind that thought up this special day, was probably moving too fast to remember to take credit for creating this day. He or she is likely someone in the fast food industry.

This relatively new, yet important special day, is called a “National” day. We did not find a congressional or presidential proclamation making this day a true national day.

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On November 7th, National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day ushers in one of the more healthful ways to enjoy chocolate.


Bittersweet chocolate is chocolate liquor to which sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla have been added. It has less sugar and more liquor than semisweet chocolate. However, the two of them may be interchangeable when baking.

Recent studies reveal health benefits from eating small quantities of bittersweet chocolate. The addition of almonds increases health benefits as well. Pairing the two of them gives us a delicious and healthy snack. Make them a part of your lunch or enjoy them as part of an afternoon snack. 


In 1742, Eliza Smith included the only chocolate recipe in her cookbook, The Compleat Housewife, printed by William Parks. The simple recipe combined grated chocolate, orange flower water, and sugar. But, no almonds.

However, plenty of recipes include almonds and chocolate. You only need to know where to look. When combining chocolate and almonds, remember that both keep well, too. So, sharing during the holidays is easy. Make a little or a lot of a recipe to spread the holiday cheer when using bittersweet chocolate with almonds.


Chocolate and almonds can improve just about any day. Try one of the recipes below or one of your favorites to celebrate. Make enough to share or invite friends to get creative with chocolate recipes in your kitchen. Are you looking for other ways to add chocolate and almonds to your day? Here are some ideas to share:

  • Top your oatmeal with some chopped bittersweet chocolate and almonds. It will add crunch and flavor.
  • Make up some granola for a mid-afternoon snack using chocolate and almonds.
  • Roll up some delicious energy bites with these two amazing ingredients and put them in the freezer for a quick and easy craving quencher.
  • Enjoy them separately! Add bittersweet chocolate to your morning coffee, and top your salad with almonds. You might be missing the “with” but we won’t tell.






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On November 6th, National Nachos Day recognizes the snack favored at sporting events across the country. In their purest form, nachos are tortilla chips covered in nacho cheese, queso or other melted cheese and served with salsa.


Where Nachos Began

First created sometime around 1943, the popular and loved nachos are of Mexican origin.  

History tells us that Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya created the original nachos in 1943. According to his son, Nacho was the maître d’ at the El Moderno Restaurant in Piedras Negras. One evening after the kitchen staff had left, a group of U.S. Army wives stationed at Fort Duncan in Eagle Pass came into the restaurant. After a long day of shopping, they were hungry and asked for a snack.

Anaya prepared some tostadas cut into triangles. After topping them with shredded cheese and sliced jalapenos, he heated the dish in the oven. They were such a hit with the Army wives that they named the snack “Nacho’s Special” before he could make another batch.

National Nachos Day Facts:

This nachos day is celebrated on November 6 every year. There are some important facts about Nachos that can make you crave it more. Those who love it always leave it at the top. Some nachos are loaded with toppings which are also called super nachos. It can take care of anyone’s appetite. If you’re really hungry, grab a nachos without a second thought.

Places to go for Nacho Specials

Chevys Fresh Mex

Honor National Nacho Day at Chevys Fresh Mex with free Fajita Chicken Nachos when you dine in at select locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri and Virginia. 

Del Taco

On National Nacho Day, Del Taco is offering up a freebie. Del Yeah Rewards members can score a free small drink with the purchase of any Queso Loaded Nachos -- topped with your choice of beef, chicken, carne asada or Beyond Meat.


On Nov. 6, 7-Eleven reward members can score an order of nachos for $2 with their choice of chili, onions, jalapeños and pico de gallo toppings.

The deal is also available for delivery through the 7Now app. 

Taco Bell

In celebration of National Nacho Day, Taco Bell is offering a free order of Nachos Bell Grande with a minimum $15 purchase on DashPass, Uber One or Grubhub Plus. 

Taco Johns

Taco Johns is honoring National Nacho Day with a free side of chips and nacho cheese with any purchase for its rewards members. 

This story will be updated with more deals as we find more restaurants participating in National Nacho Day. 








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Most families have someone famous or infamous for their their DEVILED EGGS that they bring to every gathering! LOL

National Deviled Egg Day features a favorite hors-d’oeuvre or side dish for parties, holidays, family reunions and potluck dinners. Deviled eggs shine as the star of the show each year on November 2nd.


This well-loved food wows guests during the holidays. Designers have even created specially designed carrying dishes and plates just so you can deliver your deviled eggs safely and in style. The deli section of the grocery store prepares packaged deviled eggs. They can even be found in some convenience stores, too.

Other names for this devilish dish include eggs mimosa, stuffed egg, salad eggs, or dressed egg. To make them, shell hard-boiled eggs, cut them in half, and scoop out the yolk. The yolk is mixed with other ingredients such as mayonnaise and mustard and then added back into the white. The possibilities are endless!

Eggs are quite versatile when it comes to making simple dishes elegant. The deviled egg is another example of taking the humble egg and transforming it with one or two simple ingredients. The final result steals the show. Colorful relishes, spicy peppers, pimentos or savory herbs, elevate deviled eggs to a spectacular and tasty morsel. Additionally, the variety offers entirely new flavor profiles demonstrating just how delicious this family favorite can be.


Adding Variety

Other approaches make them a little more creamy with sour cream. Do you like things a little more tart? Try adding vinegar to the filling. Depending on how you make them, it may be possible to satisfy just about every palate. From the traditional paprika garnish to crunchy bacon, or a little caviar, anchovy or herring, there is some devilish experimenting any cook can do.

The first known print reference referring to the term “deviled” about food, appeared in 1786. By the 19th century, devilish referred to spicy or zesty food. The term also applied to eggs prepared with mustard, pepper, or other ingredients stuffed in the yolk cavity.


Make up your favorite recipe or try something new. Try a fancy recipe. Serve them for guests or just for you. Surprise your family with several kinds of deviled eggs to choose from.

Enjoy this Basic Deviled Eggs recipe.

Use #DeviledEggDay to post on social media.

How to mix up your deviled egg ways:

  • Swap out your regular paprika for smoked paprika. You’ll be surprised by the difference.
  • Add garlic to the mixture.
  • Substitute the mayo for avocado and lime. Not only will your deviled eggs be tasty, they’ll be pretty, too.
  • Top your deviled eggs with bacon and chopped tomatoes and chives.

Do you need more devilish ways to celebrate the egg? Well, read Eggs 11 Ways for more fun ideas.





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National Trick or Treat Day on the last Saturday in October extends one of the country’s favorite holidays – Halloween!


Dressing up as the scariest or most fascinating character we know draws us to the holiday. People of all ages put hours of effort into creating elaborate costumes for one big night. Wouldn’t it be nice to get dress up and pretend just a little bit more? Of course, it would!

This celebration offers the ideal opportunity to host spooky parties, neighborhood trick or treating or local festivals. And everyone gets to wear their scariest, most elaborate, delightful costumes, too! What a fun way to get together with friends and family to carve pumpkins and enjoy the fall weather while extending the life of your creative ideas.


Get the whole family dressed up and go trick or treating! Organize a trunk or treat activity with your office, church, or volunteer group. Host costume party. No matter how you celebrate, extend the life of your costume for the season and make sure more people see your creative ideas.

The Centers for Disease Control provides us with excellent tips for a safe Trick or Treat Day. And no matter how you celebrate, be sure to take pictures and share them using #TrickOrTreatDay on social media.

Be sure to take pictures and share them using #TrickOrTreatDay on social media.


The Halloween & Costume Association (HCA) founded National Trick or Treat Day in 2019 to extend the Halloween season. In 2018 they launched a national petition to change the date Americans celebrated Halloween. Nearly 70,000 people signed their petition, and more than 200 major media outlets covered their story. After interacting with the public and listening to feedback, they initiated an extension to Halloween instead. Additionally, the HCA created an Official Halloween Toolkit with ideas to help communities all across to help implement parades, events and costumes.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed this spooky celebration to be observed the last Saturday in October, annually.







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National American Beer Day raises a glass to the rich American beermaking history and those who savor the continued traditions. Pour your favorite pint with millions who enjoy the storied brews across the nation.


U.S. Brewing History

Brewing beer in America begins long before Europeans arrived since Native Americans brewed beer from a variety of ingredients. They used corn, birch sap, and water to ferment their beverage. Then when the first colonists arrived in Virginia, they began combining their brewing traditions with the supplies at hand – that included corn, too. Since then, brewing and brewers became a principal occupation in the colonies. Interestingly, the first white child born in Manhattan grew up to be the first brewer born in America.

Today, the brewery established by David G. Yuengling is the oldest producing brewery in the United States. He established the Eagle Brewery in 1829. Amazingly, the brewery still remains in the family to this day.

Unlike most other breweries of the time, the Eagle Brewery survived Prohibition. In fact, very few survived. Those that did survive tried various legal and illegal tactics. In the Eagle Brewery’s case, they reduced their alcohol content to within the legal limit. They also branched out. Ice cream anyone? Yes, the Yuengling’s started a dairy. Others turned their beermaking supplies into other products. When prohibition lifted, they returned to full-fledged beermaking. 

Despite these efforts, nearly every brewer existing before prohibition dissolved. Out of just over 1,300 brewers, only about 100 remained after prohibition. Today, we recognize the names of many of those surviving breweries. 

The skill of a brewer requires years of practice in the trade. It’s revered even. In Milwaukee, their professional baseball team is named after the brewer. In St. Louis and Denver, the stadiums are named after prominent brewers.

More than 2,100 breweries are manufacturing beer in the United States. They range in size from industry giants to brewpubs and microbreweries. 

American Beer Facts
  • The U.S. produced 196 million barrels of beer in 2009.
  • Americans consume roughly 20 US gallons of beer per capita annually.
  • In 2008, the United States ranked sixteenth in the world in per capita consumption. However, total consumption was second only to China.
  • After Congress repealed prohibition, the industry consolidated into a small number of large-scale breweries.
  • The majority of the new breweries in the U.S. are small breweries and brewpubs. As members of the Brewers Association, they are termed “craft breweries” to differentiate them from the larger and older breweries.
  • Larger breweries most commonly produce the American lager.
  • However, smaller breweries (many founded in the 1980s) produce a range of styles.
  • Beer styles originating in the United States include:
    • American pale ale
    • Pennsylvania porter
    • American IPA
    • steam beer
    • amber ale
    • cream ale
    • Cascadian dark ale.


Enjoy your favorite American Beer. Invite a friend or two to join you. While you’re at it, try something different. American beers offer a variety of options to choose from. Do you have a favorite brewery? Give them a shout-out, too! The brewmaster deserves to be recognized. Tour a brewery to learn more. While you’re there, try a sample or two. 

Now, beer also holds great influence. If you didn’t know that, read about 5 Surprising Ways Beer Changed the World.

Remember, always drink responsibly and never drink and drive. Use #AmericanBeerDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this hoppy holiday. 


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National Pumpkin Day recognizes a favored autumn decoration and food on October 26th. Not only do they make great fall decorations, but the pumpkin also completes a variety of tasty recipes. Join a pumpkin competition or visit any of the many fall festivals featuring the beautiful gourds.


By October 26th, we’re in a frenzy of pumpkin obsession. We cannot wait for the big November holiday for pumpkin pie. No siree, we need pumpkin everything! Bars, cookies, coffee, cheesecake, pasta, and oatmeal. Pumpkin Chunkin’, pumpkin patches, festivals, bake-offs, and television specials. Let’s not forget jack-o-lantern carving, too! This fruit grabs Americans’ attention.

As it should! This squash is native to North America. The oldest evidence of pumpkin-related seeds dates back to somewhere between 7000 and 5500 BC to seeds found in Mexico.

The word pumpkin originates from the word pepon, which means “large melon” in Greek.


National Pumpkin Day recognizes a favored autumn decoration and food on October 26th. Not only do they make great fall decorations, but the pumpkin also completes a variety of tasty recipes. Join a pumpkin competition or visit any of the many fall festivals featuring the beautiful gourds.


By October 26th, we’re in a frenzy of pumpkin obsession. We cannot wait for the big November holiday for pumpkin pie. No siree, we need pumpkin everything! Bars, cookies, coffee, cheesecake, pasta, and oatmeal. Pumpkin Chunkin’, pumpkin patches, festivals, bake-offs, and television specials. Let’s not forget jack-o-lantern carving, too! This fruit grabs Americans’ attention.

As it should! This squash is native to North America. The oldest evidence of pumpkin-related seeds dates back to somewhere between 7000 and 5500 BC to seeds found in Mexico.

The word pumpkin originates from the word pepon, which means “large melon” in Greek.

Within recent years, white pumpkins have become more popular in the United States. The United States produces 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins, with Illinois producing more than any other state.

In 2021, Italian Stefano Cutrupi claimed the title of the world’s largest pumpkin when his gargantuan gourd weighed in at 2703 pounds (1,226 kg). That’s 300 pounds heavier than the 2014 winner from Switzerland. In 2020, Travis Gienger grew the largest pumpkin in North America. The hefty vegetable weighed in at 2,350 pounds. It eeked out the previous winner, a 2,145-pound pumpkin from Streator, Illinois grown by Gene McMullen. 

Pumpkins are packed with nutrients, but they’re not only good for humans. Did you know that pumpkin may be recommended by veterinarians as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats? Since pumpkin is easy to digest, if your pet is experiencing certain digestive ailments, don’t be surprised if your vet says to give them pumpkin puree. Poultry also benefits from eating raw pumpkin as a supplement to their regular feed during the winter months to help maintain egg production. As a seasonal food, it sure comes at the right time of year. Since it’s packed with vitamin C, it can boost your immune system to fight off those nasty colds, too. 


Ah, pumpkins! They bring to mind wonderful memories and inspire us to artistry. Whether we frame the perfect photo at the local pumpkin patch, carve up the scariest jack-o-lantern or whip up the tastiest batch of pumpkin bars, this is a holiday worth sharing. Roast some pumpkin seeds while the family rakes up those fall leaves. Pour a mug of hot apple cider and bake up your favorite pumpkin recipes, too. Or try a new one. We offer several for you to try! As always, invite someone to Celebrate Every Day® with you, too.

Pumpkin Lasagna
Savory Pumpkin Raviolo
Debbie’s Pumpkin Bars
Pumpkin Pudding

Use #NationalPumpkinDay to post on social media.

How Pumpkins Became Popularized as Jack O’ Lanterns

Today, the pumpkin is associated with the month of October in general and Halloween specifically. That’s probably because it was around Halloween that the Irish and Scottish immigrants to the United States began carving pumpkins and referring to them as “Jack-O-Lanterns.” They did this because of an Irish myth about a man named Stingy Jack. In this story, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to drink with him but didn’t want to pay for his drink, so he asked the devil to turn into a coin that he could use to pay for the drinks. Once the devil changed into the coin, however, Stingy Jack decided to not pay for the drinks but instead place the coin into his pocket next to a silver cross. The silver cross prevented the devil from changing back into his original form and Jack thought of a way he could benefit from this situation. He eventually came up with an idea that he thought was pretty clever.

Stingy Jack told the devil that he would let him change back if the devil would not claim his soul after he died or bother him for a full year. The devil agreed and Jack let him free. The following year, Stingy Jack once again managed to trick the devil by having the devil climb a tree to pick a piece of fruit and then carving a cross underneath him so he couldn’t come down. Jack then made the devil promise that he wouldn’t bother him for another ten years.

Unfortunately for Jack, right after he tricked the devil for the second time, he fell ill and died. Jack then attempted to get into heaven but was refused by God because of his misdeeds, so he tried to get into hell. Once he got to the gates of hell, however, the devil refused him entrance because he had promised Jack he wouldn’t claim his soul. But the devil did give Jack a burning ember from hell so Jack could light his way as he walked the Earth in limbo. Jack carved out a potato (or a turnip in some iterations of the story) and placed the burning coal into it to light his path. He was then known as Jack of the Lantern – a term which was changed to Jack O’ Lantern – and he was forced to walk the Earth on Halloween. Since pumpkins were so readily available around Halloween, Jack O’ Lanterns eventually stopped being created from potatoes and turnips and instead started getting created from pumpkins.


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Each year on October 24th, people across the nation make a sandwich to participate in National Bologna Day.  This would be a good day to have a bologna sandwich for lunch.


Sometimes this specialty meat is spelled baloney since that’s how many people pronounce it. However, the more common spelling is Bologna. That’s because it originated in the city of Bologna, Italy. This type of sausage is similar to the Italian mortadella. The finely ground pork or beef sausage or a combination is smoked and cured. In Italy, bologna includes a variety of spices not found in American bologna. In fact, in the United States, regulations require American bologna to be finely ground and without visible lard pieces. It hardly resembles anything found in Italy. It can also be made from chicken, turkey, venison, or soy protein. 

Many people enjoy bologna sandwiches with a variety of garnishes. Some of those include mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomato, and onion.

Bologna Bowl – When a slice of bologna is heated, the fat renders and the round slice takes the shape of a bowl which may be filled with cheese or other fillings.

Makers offer a wide variety of bologna to choose from, too!

  • German Bologna
  • Kosher or halal bologna
  • Lebanon bologna
  • Lauantaimakkara
  • Rag bologna
  • South African polony
  • Vegetarian 


Pick out your favorite bologna. Make a sandwich or two. Share with us your favorite toppings, too! Do you toast your bread? Before you take a bite, take a picture to share. Also, if you have a favorite deli serving bologna, give them a shout out!

Celebrate by trying something new and enjoy these bologna recipes:

Fried Bologna Casserole
Various Bologna Recipes
Fried Bologna, Egg on Challah Bread with an American Cheese Rarebit Sauce
Big Daddy’s Prize-Winning Bologna Sandwich
Barbecued Bologna

Use #NationalBolognaDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this tasty food holiday.









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Each year on October 21st, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day ushers in the flavors of fall. Cheesecake is one of America’s favorite desserts and by adding pumpkin, we celebrate the essential flavoring of the season. 


This sweet dessert mixes fresh soft cheese, cream cheese or cottage cheese, eggs, and sugar to create a base. The crust is made from crushed graham crackers, crushed cookies, pastry, or sponge cake. Pumpkin may be added to cheesecake recipes in various ways. For example, it may be swirled throughout, mixed thoroughly with all ingredients, or layered. Bakers prepare cheesecakes both baked or unbaked. Some bakers flavor cheesecakes and top them with fruit, fruit sauce, chocolate, or whipped cream.

Here are today’s five thing to know about Cheesecake:

  1. Pennsylvania Dutch-style cheesecake uses a slightly tangy type of cheese with larger curds and less water content, called pot or farmer’s cheese.
  2. Philadelphia-style cheesecake is lighter in texture, yet richer in flavor than New York style cheesecake.
  3. Farmer’s cheese cheesecake is the contemporary implementation for the traditional use of baking to preserve fresh cheese and is often baked in a cake form along with fresh fruit like a tart.
  4. Country-style cheesecake uses buttermilk to produce a firm texture while decreasing the pH (increasing acidity) to extend shelf life.
  5. Lactose free cheesecake may be made either with lactose-free cream cheese or as an imitation using Vegan recipes combining non-dairy cream cheese alternatives with other lactose-free ingredients.

Today’s Food History

  • 1422 Charles VI of France died. It was during Charles VI rule that Taillevent was made Master of the King’s kitchens. Charles VI also gave sole rights for the aging of Roquefort cheese to the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, and all Roquefort must still be aged in the caves there today.
  • 1449 George Plantagenet, duke of Clarence was born. Brother of Edward IV whom he was accused of plotting against. He was thrown into prison and secretly executed in the Tower of London. The rumor is that he was drowned in a butt (large cask) of malmsey wine.
  • 1879 Thomas Edison demonstrated the first commercially practical light bulb at his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey.
  • 1990 Tom Carvel died. He was the inventor of the soft-serve ice cream machine, and founder of the Carvel ice cream chain.





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National Brandied Fruit Day

Brandied fruit is a cocktail that’s been enjoyed for hundreds of years, but it became popular during the 19th century. Although adding brandy to fruit has been a way of keeping fruit from going bad, during the Victorian era, it also became the basis of many different desserts and other dishes. Unfortunately, brandied fruit isn’t as popular as it once was, but we can all change that fact by taking the time to celebrate National Brandied Fruit Day. This holiday encourages everyone to make their own brandied fruit-a process that is not only surprisingly easy but is also a great thing to have on hand for making a variety of different pies, cakes, and other desserts.

National Brandied Fruit Day

On October 20th every year, National Brandied Fruit Day is celebrated in the US and is mainly celebrated by those people who are fruit lovers


On October 20th each year, we celebrate the delicious food holiday known as National Brandied Fruit Day!


Brandied fruit first became popular around the Victorian era. During this time, people discovered brandy added to fruit easily helped preserve it. Incidentally, the process also preserved the flavor of freshly harvests fruit crops while also creating a delicious dessert for adults.

Brandied fruit is created by soaking sweet fresh fruit in brandy, sugar, and spices. After the initial preparation, the fruit will sit for nearly 30 days. Then it is ready to top desserts, pies, and cakes. Interestingly, brandied fruit is used as a starter for Friendship Cake. Similar to the concept of a starter for sourdough bread, Friendship Cake takes time to prepare. However, once you’ve completed the process, you’re sure to enjoy one of the most delicious treats ever!










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National Chocolate Cupcake Day on October 18th annually celebrates the sweetness of small chocolate cakes. With a dollop of frosting, one sweet serving satisfies chocolate and cake lovers!


Cupcakes have also been called:

  • Fairy Cakes
  • Patty Cakes
  • Cup Cakes (different from Cupcakes (one-word))

Cupcakes can be traced back to 1796 when a recipe notation of “a cake to be baked in small cups” was written in American Cookery, by Amelia Simmons. The earliest known documentation of the term cupcake was in 1828 in Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats in Eliza Leslie’s Receipts cookbook.

Bakers initially baked their cupcakes in heavy pottery cups. However, bakers today use a plethora of tools at their fingertips. Some still use individual ramekins, small coffee mugs, large teacups, or other small ovenproof pottery-type dishes for baking their cupcakes. Of course, the most common cupcake tool is the muffin or cupcake pan. This handy tool includes multiple cups in one device

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Today’s Food History

1753 Jean Jacques Regis de Cambaceres was born. A French politician and gourmet. A gastronomic contemporary and rival of Talleyrand and Carême. The dinners he gave were famous, and Cambaceres closely supervised the food preparation. He refused to admit late-comers, and was also said to have demanded complete silence while dining.

1871 Charles Babbage died. He invented the adding machine, and among his other inventions is the cowcatcher, the V shaped front end on locomotives.

1878 Thomas Edison made electricity available for household usage.

1892 The first long distance telephone line between Chicago and New York City was put in service.

1919 William Waldorf Astor Born. William Waldorf Astor was a cousin of John Jacob Astor IV, the great grandson of John Jacob Astor. He built the Waldorf section (1893) of what would become the Waldorf Astoria (1897). The Empire State Building (1929) now stands on the site.

1931 Thomas Alva Edison, “the wizard of Menlo Park” died.

1945 James T. Ehler, Chef and food writer, was born. That’s me – the author of this Culinary Calendar and the Food Reference Website.

1969 Cyclamate, a non-caloric sweetener, was banned. Discovered in 1937, and widely used in the food industry, cyclamate was found to cause cancer in laboratory rats. Cyclamate is still used in many countries around the world.






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On October 15th, National Cheese Curd Day celebrates the velvety goodness of cheese curds.

If you’re a total cheese head, then get excited to celebrate National Cheese Curd Day on October 15. Culver’s, a popular Midwestern fast-food chain, created this holiday in 2015 and if you don’t already know, cheese curds are bite-sized nuggets of cheese — now you can see why they have a whole day designated to them, right?! So on October 15, get in on the cheesy goodness and celebrate National Cheese Curd Day by buying or making — but most importantly, eating — cheese curds.


​Cheese curds make it into a song

​The Celtic song, “Visions of MacGonlannee,” mentioned cheese curds in its lyrics.

​Wisconsin got in on the cheese game

​Wisconsin became the “it” place to make and produce cheese because of its rich farmland.

​Wisconsin’s cheese factories grow

​By this year, Wisconsin was home to more than 2,800 cheese factories.

Cheese curds gain in popularity

Because cheese curds grew in popularity, milk factories experienced surpluses in this century.


  1. Say “cheese” and share your pics on social media

    Sharing experiences (new or nostalgic) on social media is always fun, so celebrate National Cheese Curd Day by sharing your cheese curd experience online. If you’re new to eating cheese curds, take a video capturing your first bite. If cheese curds were a staple in your childhood, snap pics of your favorite cheese curd joint.

  2. Go crazy—take a trip to Wisconsin

    What better way to celebrate National Cheese Curd Day than taking a trip to the state that started it all? Since this holiday falls on a Monday this year, you can experience Wisconsin for the weekend, hit up Culver’s (or any place that serves cheese curds), and save some cheese curds for when you're back home— and so you can eat them on National Cheese Curd Day — taking this indulgent holiday to a whole new level.

  3. Try making your own

    Whether you can buy fresh cheese curds locally or not, National Cheese Curd Day is the perfect time to tackle a new recipe challenge. So on October 15, look for recipes online and try frying your own cheese curds at home.


  1. Cheese curds squeak

    ​Not only is squeaking a common characteristic of cheese curds—this happens because the elastic protein strands in the curds rub against your teeth’s enamel— but it’s also a sign of freshness.

  2. ​It’s takes a lot of milk to make a little bit of cheese

    ​Wisconsin cheese curds are so dang fresh and flavorful because they’re only filled with cheese from Wisconsin milk — and it takes 10 pounds of milk to produce one pound of cheese.

  3. ​Don’t worry, the squeak can be restored

    ​If you don’t finish your bag of cheese curds within two days (although let’s be honest, this would take serious self control), you can simply microwave them to get back them back to their squeaky state.

  4. ​Their insides can vary in color

    ​Because cheese curds are typically made with cheddar cheese, they can sometimes be white inside, or sometimes yellow.


  1. If you’ve never had one, this is your excuse to (finally) try one…or several

    While cheese curds may be a staple for many people, you may have never had one, and that’s okay. But thanks to National Cheese Curd Day, you now have a reason to try them, so on October 15, make it a priority to get your hands on some.

  2. Use it as an opportunity to try a new dish

    Trying to cook a new dish is a fun challenge (especially when fried cheese is the end result), so if there isn’t a joint frying up cheese curds near you, try whipping up your own on October 15. After all, there’s not a better time to try a cheese curd recipe than on National Cheese Curd Day.

  3. It’s a reason to eat cheese (as if we needed another one)

    If you’re a cheese lover, then National Cheese Curd Day is the holiday for you. But unlike other days where you may just indulge in a meat and cheese platter or cheese and crackers, October 15 is your chance to indulge in gooey cheese curds.

    What’s squeaking? National Cheese Curd Day is October 15th

    Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin
    What's Squeaking? National Cheese Curd Day is October 15th

    Wisconsin, The State of Cheese® Shares Everything You Need to Celebrate the Glorious Cheese Curd



    Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin 

    Oct 12, 2021, 08:43 ET


    MADISON, Wis., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- National Cheese Curd Day is upon us, and soon cheese lovers near and far will come together to collectively celebrate the irresistible Wisconsin Cheese that is adored around the world. Get in on the fun and celebrate like a Wisconsinite by taking a bite out of the snack that squeaks!



    October 15th is National Cheese Curd Day . Celebrate like a Wisconsinite by taking a bite out of the snack that squeaks!


    "Wisconsinites are truly obsessed with cheese, and while we tout some of the most awarded cheeses in the world, we know there is a unique fascination with our cheese curds," says Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese and Senior Vice President at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. "In Wisconsin, cheese curds are just part of our culture—we look forward to getting curds fresh at local farmers markets and cheese shops around the state—still warm from being made that morning. Many restaurants across the state sell more cheese curds than French fries and nearly every Wisconsinite can tell you which restaurant makes their favorite fried cheese curd. This is our day to celebrate, and we are excited to share our love for all things curds with the rest of the country."





As a Bar Time treats or while watching a Wisconsin football game you can not beat fried cheese curds. 


yNP3A-1665673722-embed-Curd Day .jpeg



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National Taco Day: Taco Bell, Del Taco, Jack in the Box and More Offer Free Tacos and Other Great Deals

Today is the ultimate Taco Tuesday.


Dan Avery
Oct. 4, 2022 6:23 a.m. PT
5 min read

Today is National Taco Day. That's right -- Taco Tuesday just got a major upgrade.

The origins of the popular dish stretch back to long before the Spanish arrived in Mexico, though what we know as the modern-day taco emerged in the 18th century, when Mexican miners needed something inexpensive and portable to eat. Some historians believe the word "taco" originated as slang for the paper rolls filled with gunpowder that they used to blast the ore. 

When Mexican workers migrated to California, they bought the taco with them. By 1989, Wyoming-based chain Taco John's had actually trademarked "Taco Tuesday." 

On National Taco Day, nationwide chains and local eateries alike are offering free tacos, discounts and other deals. Check out our growing list below and come back for more updates.

Celebrating National Taco Day at home? Check out top air fryers and pressure cookers for whipping up a Tex-Mex banquet.


Here's a list of 2022 National Taco Day deals and specials for your reference:

- 7-Eleven - On October 4, 2022, 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards members can get 10 mini tacos for $2.

- Del Taco - On October 4, 2022, they have they Tuesday special of 3 Snack Tacos for $1.69 from 3 PM to 11 PM but Del Yeah! rewards members can also earn double rewards all day in the app.

- El Pollo Loco - On October 4, 2022, Loco Rewards members who buy $10 or more of anything on the El Pollo Loco menu other than tacos will get a reward good for 8 free tacos in their loyalty account that can be redeemed between October 5 and October 31, 2022. They'll also be offering free delivery on the same day for orders placed through their website or mobile app.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop - On October 4, 2022, you can get select tacos for $1.50 each all day.

- Jack in the Box - On October 4, 2022, Monster Tacos return to the menu for a limited time. You can get two for $3 at participating locations.

- Long John Silver's - On October 4, 2022, you can a free taco with the purchase of any combo, meal, or platter in-store and online for pickup (you can find the necessary coupon through their email subscription or social media channels. If ordering online, you'll need to use the code, "NATIONALTACODAY").

Moe's Southwest Grill - On October 4, 2022, Moe Rewards Members can get $5 off any meal kit, including the Taco Meal Kit using the promo code "TACODAY22" online.

- Rubio's - On October 3 and October 4, 2022, you can get a free taco with any purchase.

- Taco Bell - On October 4, 2022, you can get a 30-day Taco Lover's Pass for $10.

- Taco John's - On October 4, 2022, loyalty members can get a free beef Taco Bravo with any purchase.







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On September 25th, National Comic Book Day honors the art, artists, and stories of comic books. Fans, collectors, readers, and artists come together to celebrate the day with events across the country. 


First popularized in the United States, comic books are also called comic magazines. Generally, comic books produce drawn sequential and opposing panels representing individual scenes. Each scene often includes descriptive prose and written narratives. When placed together, the panels form a complete story or a portion of a serial. 

The earliest comic strips (which later gave birth to comic books) displayed dialogue in bubbles or balloons above characters’ heads. As an art form, the designs can be quite intricate. For example, text, dialogue, personalities, color, and imagery enhance part of a storyline. Over time, these storylines also distinguished eras, artists, genres, and themes.

People who collect comic books are known as pannapictagraphist.

On September 25th, National Comic Book Day honors the art, artists, and stories of comic books. Fans, collectors, readers, and artists come together to celebrate the day with events across the country. 


First popularized in the United States, comic books are also called comic magazines. Generally, comic books produce drawn sequential and opposing panels representing individual scenes. Each scene often includes descriptive prose and written narratives. When placed together, the panels form a complete story or a portion of a serial. 

The earliest comic strips (which later gave birth to comic books) displayed dialogue in bubbles or balloons above characters’ heads. As an art form, the designs can be quite intricate. For example, text, dialogue, personalities, color, and imagery enhance part of a storyline. Over time, these storylines also distinguished eras, artists, genres, and themes.

People who collect comic books are known as pannapictagraphist.

The term “comic book” comes from the first book sold as a book reprinted of humorous comic strips. Despite their name, comic books are not all humorous in tone and feature stories in all genres.


One of the earliest known comics printed was The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck. The 1842 hardcover comic book became the first known American comic book.

In 1896, Richard Felton drew a comic-book magazine published in the United States featuring The Yellow Kid in a sequence titled “McFadden’s Row of Flats.”  The 196-page book featured black and white print and measured 5×7 inches. It sold for 50 cents.

In 1933, a comic book, Famous Funnies, appeared in the United States. Many believe the work to be the first real comic book. The reprinting of earlier newspaper comic strips established many of the story-telling devices used in comics.







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