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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021.

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Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Went out this morning and saw a big broken branch lying next to my truck.  Uh-oh. 😮 Was afraid to go look.  Didn't see any dents.  Side mirrors still intact.  Saw another piece of branch in front of truck and another one on other side.  Leaves all over.  But still nothing...


And then I saw it.  The windshield was shattered.  With the sun's glare, I didn't notice it at first.  Crap!  Pulled up my insurance app and reported it.  Earliest appointment I could get for on-site replacement was Monday, but was supposed to work tomorrow for first time.  Christmas decor is a go this year.  (Wasn't sure property managers would be doing it this year, given so many stores are closing/closed, but I guess budget was already locked down.)  Anyway, nothing new this season, but need to refurbish old stuff for re-install.  But not driving truck.  Crack, maybe, but I can't even see out the windshield, it's so bad. 😖  I am lucky and grateful that is the only damage.  That was a big branch! Smallish ding on roof, shouldn't interfere with replacement. 🤞


Have I mentioned lately I am so ready for 2020 to be over?

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@MsStretch ....#%$&*&#!!!!!

I'm so sorry about your truck. You are so right about 2020. What else can possibly go wrong?

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Don’t ask on what else can go wrong this year, starts getting dangerous.


Fire, Plague, Locusts, Drought, Hurricanes, Methane Leaks cattle and Russia / Alaska beneath melting permafrost.



You have windshield replacement for free or is that a Maine thing, have had enough chunks of solid gravel or sand fly up and hit ours .


I remember you having an older manual pickup , your Golden as long as windshields still made.And you don’t have super fancy connections built-in. 

Need a dose of Lewis Black, you tube favorite when my mood is funky/colorful.


Went to store an hour ago and even the R was masked and gloved. There are changes being made and accepted as fact today.


Contact tracing in hyper gear for t, he met with donors close & personal mere hours before diagnosis, and presently at Walter Reed with symptoms. That might explain the masks and gloves at the last convenient store in town.

Symptoms present Melania and potus. 


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem , 2009 Toyota.  No fancy connections.  Impact even knocked my mirror out of its socket, but dash cam hung in there.  Go figure.  Replacement through insurance co.  Second time for windshield.  First year I had it, a rock took it out on the Beltway.


Haven't had a plethora of pressing appointments or engagements for the last 6½ months, so when I do have somewhere to be --- KABAM!  Maybe trying to tell me something.  🤔   


@DaveMcK , loving the Farmer's Market.  I had to laugh at Grandma Mary's Caramel Apples, especially after @catwoman500 and I were just talking about apples and teeth.  Add caramel, another lethal threat to crowns 😲, but they do look good. 

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My favorite month is here!!   I just want it to last and last.   The peppers plants are full of blooms, wonder how many will be able to make it to eatable  pepperhood.  Ok  pepperhood is not a word yet but should be in my world of Camelot.


@MsStretch   Shock on the windshield but it could have been so much worse.  @Frozenoem   Good for you that pills are helping.  If colorful dreams are the only side effect that is not too bad.  @DaveMcK  Really nice market there, wish I could get out this time of year.    @catwoman500   Yikes I almost forgot about the tooth implant.


Going to the homestead next week and getting closer to demolition/building process.  Hopefully next summer will the last summer  that I have to struggle through here.  I barely made it most days, felt so tired by 7PM that my eyes hurt. 

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70* sunny afternoon, still trying to catch up on sleep and normal hours of business.3 am emergency calls are a pita.


My pills are working, 2 years of no balance has improved.🤣 Not ready to play with chainsaws again but, improving daily.




Recreational walking can’t give up on, hope to be back on hikes or snowshoes soon, weather dependent. One more R to scatter only 6 miles in and out, kinda paved, better not be any oak trees en route.


As soon as I plot where Oak trees are in town. Discovered they produce more than normal acorn amounts in drought condition last night.


Insert colorful language of choice, where it used to be only a 100 acorns on normal fall nights in late October, add 500-1000 on early autumn in Maine when dealing with 150-250 year old mighty oak trees.


I was felled by many tiny acorns last night, cussing ensued. Another great reason to avoid sidewalks at night in the country, must remember crown in roads are for water drainage an also to send acorns to sidewalks.



Haven’t seen the inside of a DD since March and first shutdown, we’re now on 2nd or 3rd shutdown.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem , oh yeah, ♫ acorns keep fallin' on my head ♫.  (OK, BJ Thomas I'm not 😏)


Last year, acorns weren't so bad.  This year, not so lucky.  Only a matter of time before my deck makes for dangerous walking.  Rockin' & rollin' on marbles!


Found a doggie igloo buried back in the woods on a foreclosed property next door.  The owner of the property I live on ended up buying it for a fraction of its assessed cost.  Long story there, but the guy who lived there had basically turned all 5 acres into a landfill.  It's cleaned up now and they rescued the igloo.  Dirty, but looks in pretty good shape, so guess what?  Can always use another igloo for the furkids. 


Who knows?  Maybe one day, I'll come out and Stellar will be there. 😥


@catwoman500 , my days of biting into a apple are long gone.  No implants, just crowns, but don't need those popping off! gaptooth.gif

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Good Morning, Porch Peeps!

Happy October!



Where did September go?

Here in the Philly burbs, October is starting off on a beautiful note. It's a bright sunny day in the 60's, climbing to the low 70's later.

It's a day to bite into a crisp crunchy apple and take a walk (those of you that are able to do that). Because of my tooth implant process, I'll need to slice that apple and walking, well, that doesn't happen much other than hobbling around the house and getting to the store. No recreational walking anymore for me.

It's a good day for...



I had mine from Starbucks yesterday and it was a delight!

You all take care now and enjoy a good start to the month!




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