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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021.

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Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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I know I am ready to kick Old Man 2020 into the annals of time.


As I was typing this, I got an alert that $600 just dropped into my account.  Looks like I am getting ready to stimulate a few of my favorite charities.


On Monday night, we start tearing down Christmas.  Virginia is under a modified curfew, no being out between the hours of 12AM and 5AM except for a few exceptions including driving to and from work.  Nothing about actually working outside during those hours.  Of course, it is "essential" we get Christmas decor down from buildings, right? 😁


Have a safe, warm, and HEALTHY New Year! 🥳

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Happy New Year's Eve to one and all here on the Front Porch! May you all have a prosperous, healthy and blessed beginning & thru out the upcoming new year! 

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Happy New Year's Eve Day, Porch Peeps!

@Frozenoem ...Hope you are OK!


I'm guessing most of you will be celebrating "mildly" tonight. I woke up at 2:00 this AM and couldn't get back to sleep, so with about an hour and a half of sleep, I'm thinking I won't even see the ball (or whatever) drop.

Lots of things drop in PA. In Bethlehem, home of the edible (not really) Easter Peeps, they drop a giant Peep chick. In Kennett Square (supposedly the mushroom capital of the world), they drop a giant mushroom. In Hershey they raise (instead of lower) a giant Kiss.

Pretty sure if they are doing these things this year it won't be with the crowds of people.

On Monday PA goes back to restaurants being allowed to serve indoors at 50%, except in Philly...could be other major cities, too, but I'm only sure about Philly. It was a shame that the restaurants lost so much holiday business with the recent restrictions, but to avoid disaster, it was the best move.


I hope everyone has a safe night tonight.

As for me, a glass of wine and a movie will work! 

New Year gif.gif



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Good  morning to everyone on the Front Porch! Our weatherman tells us we had 6" of snow by early this morning. Our temperatures will be in the high 20's. Things have been slow here on the Front Porch for some time. Given that I am looking for a role call!


Are you still out there?


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Still alive and feeling every break, ever broken part or piece, as I await variable amounts of snow tomorrow?



That would be 8-12? or 5-8”?perhaps, counting last nights, I dunno. Or presently I dunno, pain killers work🤣.


Hope all enjoy whatever day this is Thursday New Years Eve Day?





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good Tuesday morning to everyone on the Front Porch! Our weatherman tells us we will have 6 to 9" of snow by early Wednesday morning. The snow storm is projected to start around 4:00 PM this afternoon. 

This leaves us both locked down and snow bound for the rest of 2020 which leaves us more than ready to get going into 2021.

I'm hoping that everyone is safe, healthy and ready to move into the New Year. 

We are looking forward to a special New Years Eve dinner that the food service will be bring  to  our apartment door. Also we will be having the Special New Years breakfast on New Year's Morning. 



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Good Christmas morning to everyone on the Front Porch! Our weatherman tells us we will have cold temperatures starting out at 5* and a high of 20. It will be sunny al day. Hoping everyone has a blessed day and a restful evening. Be safe, be well and be wise!





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Wishing everyone on The Front Porch A Safe and Very Merry Christmas !!!! May all of you have Wonderful Blessed and Healthy Holiday Season !!!!! 🙂🤙🙏

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A Sunday hello to all on the porch,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas this year even if it may have been celebrated a bit differently.

I had made up my mind that I would go up to my friends' house to celebrate with their family as usual, and I'm so glad I did. I don't think I would have been OK to sit here alone. 

I have been seeing them throughout the year so it wasn't as if it was all new people. There were only 7 of us, so that was OK according to PA Covid rules.

On the whole way home there were snow flurries and it made me smile. Just glad it didn't lay on the roads as it really was cold enough to, if it had been any heavier. 

Got home just in time to catch the Call the Midwife holiday special on PBS.

Didn't unpack my bags of gifts until yesterday, and it was almost as much fun as unwrapping them the first time. 😺

It started out very cold today, but is warming up a little. It seems each year I have to turn the thermostat up another degree to at least feel slightly comfortable. Must be old age! 😾

If I don't get back, enjoy your New Year's celebrations. This one I'll be sitting home alone, but it's not a biggie.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay healthy.


It's cold out, wear a cat.png


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Celebrate Christmas Eve

Since Christmas Eve is not an official federal holiday, most people have to work. However, it is a partial day off or a full day off in some states. Many workplaces hold Christmas parties or celebrations, so there is a celebratory air to the day. People who work in the retail or catering sectors often have to work very hard to meet consumer demands on December 24.

Many people in the United States decorate their homes and driveways with seasonal decorations, although some do this much earlier, starting just after Thanksgiving Day in late November. The centerpiece of the decorations is often a Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights, tinsel, angels, stars and other seasonal ornaments. Outdoor light sculptures are also becoming increasingly popular. These are many light bulbs or LEDs in the form of trees, sleighs, reindeer, Santa Claus, snowmen and other seasonal figures. Light sculptures may be placed on driveways, roofs or in gardens.

In the evening, often just before bedtime, many families, particularly those with children, will hang up stockings on the fireplace or the end of their bed. These Christmas stockings are often red with a white fluffy trim, although they may be of any design and are often much bigger than the socks that they represent. Children hope that Santa Claus, a mythical figure thought to represent an ancient European saint, will enter their home via the chimney and fill their stocking with gifts, sweets and oranges.



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Merry Christmas Eve, Porch Peeps!

Big storm due in this afternoon. It will probably be a lot of rain and wind. Going to near 60! Then it will end Christmas morning and the temps will drop.

Got a USPS message that my stepson's (TN) package was delivered today. Priority 2 week mail...must be new category. JK. Still no word about the one in PA that went to Indianapolis.

Christmas spirit abounds...was collecting my trash cans to bring back from the street and some woman stopped her car and helped me. 😻 I mentioned the mystery snow blower, and she had 2 clues to who it might have been. Neighbors a few house up on the other side of the street, or one up the street on my side. 

Not much planned for today here.

I will be going to my friends' house tomorrow.

I hope you all are safe and snuggled in wherever you plan to enjoy your Christmas.

Be careful! I see snow out to the west!




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Monday 25* and cloudy, don’t know what’s coming. My snowfall disappeared during high temps and rain at 60*, for 3 day's.

Back was unhappy, took a nap in front of fire 11am Sunday, awoke 7am today.


This is a weird Christmas, it must return to normal soon.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good Thursday morning to everyone on the Front Porch! Our weatherman tells us  we will have mild temperatures and a chance of snow Wednesday night. 

Saturday noon we had a celebration of Mary's brother-in-laws life form our niece's church in San Diego. Rick was a victim of Primary Progressive Aphasia for about 10 years which is a rare form of nervous system syndrome that affects one's ability to communicate.

Rick introduced me to my future wife Mary in the Spring of 1964 at UW Stevens Point where we went to college in the mid 1960's. 

Now 56 years later we celebrated his life which included his 10.year battle of being locked in his own mind. This must have been very difficult for him as he loved communicating with people wherever he went.

Mary's sister Kathy who was Rick's wife since the Summer of 1964 passed in May of this year after battling several types of cancer over the years. 

This truly has been a very challenging 2020 for our family beyond what everyone has been dealing with!

May 2021 be a very positive year for everyone!


The first photo is of Kathy and Rick on one of many courses!

The second photo is Rick

Third photo left to right in the front row is Rick, myself, Mary and Kathy. 

Back row is their family who were at Rick's 70th birthday dinner in February 2011.


Their 50th wedding anniversaryTheir 50th wedding anniversary131245519_10157759523142966_611208718108655773_n.jpg179656_494942997965_5491206_n.jpg

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@DaveMcK   You always post such nice homey pictures.   @MsStretch I enjoy your outdoorsy pictures too.


 Getting ready for a cold spell here,  heading for 3 nights at 25 or below. That will be eleven nights in the 20s for the month of December.  I can handle this weather a lot better than summer.  We will reach 60 today so I will try to get outdoor chores done today.

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Hi, All,

It was Monday, today, right? Welcome to winter.

@LaDolceVita ...It has been pretty quiet here on the porch. And yes, definite price increases!


Not much going on around here. I went to CVS this AM and was surprised that it wasn't that crowded. Got a handicapped spot right by the door. Yay!

Came home and made the bottom layer to the traditional Christmas Jello salad. Then I made fudge. Haven't made fudge in years, but had to do something to put a little holiday festivity in the air. Did some wrapping and still have a little more to do.


I let my stepson's family know that I wouldn't be mailing their package any time soon.

I'm not trusting USPS right now. I mailed a package to TN on the 10th and after landing in Mississippi, it has been sitting in Knoxville for 5 days. This was mailed Priority Mail! Mailed another package (Priority also) to my friend who lives a half hour away from me here in PA and that package is now in Indianapolis! So I'm not exactly getting my twenty dollars worth of Priority mailing.

I was actually glad I didn't sell anything yesterday as I wasn't looking forward to a trip to the post office. I was afraid I might unleash a beast and ask them why my packages were going to Japip instead of where they were supposed to go. I know it is not the poor postal workers' fault. The packages left Hatboro and then were either waylaid somewhere or went on an adventure.

Just today I received and Ebay order that was mailed to me from Ohio on 12/8. That means it took almost 2 weeks for a bubble mailer to go to the state next door.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Tis the season to be jolly!

You all stay safe now and enjoy some holiday music and movies.




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Some parts of northwestern Virginia out towards the Blue Ridge got serious snowfall on Wednesday, but I saw mostly sleet and icy rain, just enough to make things very dicey.


My bushwhacking partner and I resumed our Shenandoah NP search for the past (homesites, cemeteries) on Tuesday and Skyline Dr. was closed due to icy conditions.  However, we were able to hike the AT to our first designated homesite and revisit a cemetery along the way. 


Down the frozen ATDown the frozen AT


 Old family cemetery in SNPOld family cemetery in SNP


Someone didn't fare well -- upside-down vehicle along road traceSomeone didn't fare well -- upside-down vehicle along road trace


Then, of course, the next day, SNP got hammered with serious snow.


Wreaths Across America was canceled this year at the national cemeteries, but I was able to take part yesterday helping lay wreaths at the Quantico cemetery through a private group/sponsor.  I believe that is how most cemeteries, including Arlington, are doing it this year.  They are spreading it out over different time periods through four days.  I signed up for passes/tickets for yesterday.  Wednesday was canceled due to weather conditions, but it went forward yesterday.  Four of us were supposed to participate, but 2 had to bail because of snow/ice in their area. 


We had to check in at a church parking lot across the cemetery and then, we were put in a convoy queue and assigned a specific section in which we were to lay 2 wreaths each.  I was also allowed two grave-specific wreaths which they gave me at the church.  The rest of the wreaths were shuttled over.  Only a limited amount of people allowed in cemetery at one time.  We followed a lead car to our designated section.  


That would be me (in my linebacker position) dressing up hubby who's been here since 1989.That would be me (in my linebacker position) dressing up hubby who's been here since 1989.


Stopped to see Mom & Dad, too.  Even though they were one of the first to get dressed up, by Sunday, this section will be filled.Stopped to see Mom & Dad, too. Even though they were one of the first to get dressed up, by Sunday, this section will be filled.




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Wreathes Across America did leave from Cherryfield, ME in convoy to Arlington earlier this week, with 1.3 or 1.7 Million wreathes on board for their 8th year.


Think they have or are being placed this weekend, almost  cancelled due to Covid but, workarounds we’re found.


Mentioning it now, as I just woke up, the joy of 2 days upright. The local TV stations covered the convoy it does come from Maine .


Facebook covers them on their home page. On that note I need coffee.

Just double checked 12/19 is day of Arlington placements. 





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem , wreath laying at Arlington will be done by Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) and Wreaths Across America (WAA), along with their partners the U.S. Army Military District of Washington (MDW) and the 3rd U.S. Infantry, “The Old Guard” (TOG).


It will not be opened to the general public, but they are invited to participate virtually.


Each national cemetery is doing it differently.  Quantico requires you sign up online and check in at a church located outside the cemetery and wait for further direction.  It is being spread out over 4 days because only 25 people are allowed in any one section at a time, masked and socially distanced. 


Yes, I did know that the wreaths come from ME. 😊👍


📰 Wreaths Across America convoy set to head for Arlington National Cemetery



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I’m awake it’s 6* and suns rising slowly, all to talk friend through update on his computer in Cork,🙏 He needs update just for his CPU .


Getting up this early is only for fishing, as a rule in Summer. 

I may be a tad punchy, half an hour to go👍 For high noon call to Ireland.


Tomorrow snow ❄️ an if lucky only an inch👍.


Think I’m listening to Clanadonia alarm, between

Drums and Pipes makes you move as Coffee brews.




Most snowblower owners do use them to help neighbors after big snowfalls, wish you luck finding your elf.


To one and all I offer an Xmas video display from NJ. The Griswolds kinda. 

Purely as a test to see if my brains is finally awake, 12 minutes to blast off.😀 Expresso is working👍


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hey, Everyone, Happy Saturday before Christmas!

@Frozenoem …when I first read "Cork," I was thinking Ireland. Then I read further and saw it was! Hope everything went well with the update.

Funny video. Clever to include the “that there is an RV, Clark!” and the station wagon with the tree.

Still not sure who did the snow blowing, but it is a rarity around here for the neighbors to help out. Gone are the days when the go-getter kids with shovels knocked at the door. I left a card with a gift card in it out for the one neighbor who brings my paper up to the door every day. In it I asked if she knew who did the snow clearing. When her son lived at home, they used to do it in bad snows, so I was wondering if he dropped by to do it.


Started out at a balmy 18 this AM, but is now 30.

Believe it or not, I am going to attempt to bake some cookies today. Made the batter yesterday and forgot what a mess baking is. LOL Of course if I had a stand mixer instead of a hand mixer, it might go better. I know my mother’s old Kitchen Aid Mixmaster is somewhere in the basement, but no way if I found it could I even lift that sucker let alone bring it up here.

Hoping you all are enjoying the fun things that lead up to Christmas. It’s kind of hard in this crazy year, but we do the best we can.

No place like "gnome" for Christmas!No place like "gnome" for Christmas!


Esteemed Social Butterfly



Still using my mother’s Dorfmayer stainless Steel stand mixer/grinder , older than me🤣


Had to replace beaters, only-and trim to fit with hacksaw to beaters.


There will be cookies or cakes, I’m getting lazy👍.


And a Turkey if I remember to pick something up at convenience after nap, still in Expresso mode and it’s just told my eyes 👀 to rest.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Morning all yep I’m upright.

16* and twinge in left knee suggests snow today, not much. Less than 3”.🤣


Started fire and happiness has arrived. One more call from Cork - yeesh! Did it work or not, time on next week , same time ugh, same channel. Need to send one more zipped update to friend, think he’s been trapped since June in Eu.


El t may allow travel by Jan 2021, so he can escape.


Time to play in woodpile.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Happy Solstice!  Pretty quiet here on the porch.   Everything holding steady in my sort of new contentment mode.  We have been getting our  share of cold this month, no need to worry about the peach crop. 


Most things are back to a sort of new normal as far as virus goes.  I have been able to get all medical exams done except for eye exam.  Library still a bit of a pain.  Have you noticed all the price increases in many necessities?   Used book prices are still much higher than before COVID.  Rubbing alcohol twice the price if you can find it.  Certainly no rubbing alcohol available in those nifty spray bottles!  I do not personally know of anyone who has had the virus.  The closest people are the grown children of a friend in another state.  We all just wear masks and go on as before.  I do miss the occasional shows at the senior center and local theater and the day trips.  Of course all of the Christmas parties at the surrounding senior centers are canceled and that is sad.   One of the local centers tried reopening but shut down in a few days. 


Wishing everyone a good holiday.   Hopefully the new year will be bright.

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Afternoon 38* heat wave with sunshine, all we want  for Christmas is no service calls.


Spent the last half hour trying to avoid that, and succeeded.


My desire was matched by customer, is that a cold or the plague. Do you have enough masks, hand sanitizers, alcohol, etc.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Thursday Christmas Eve morning, I’m upright😷.


33* expecting rain , high winds and power outages with minor flooding for joy.


Cooking tomorrow’s dinner today, while ai have power, 50-60 mph gales will take out power.


Hope all enjoy their Christmas, I will one way or another. My gift to me should arrive January 20th, my next gift who knows it’s been on a slow journey from Austria for the last month.😷



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Wondering how you all are making out in the northeast.  @DaveMcK Not sure if this front made it to  Wisconsin.


Very gloomy here, cloudy, cold and feels damp.  The kind of day that makes me want to stay in bed all day and read.  Fat chance of that!  No white stuff though, good thing, I needed to run errands.

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A snowy hello to the Porch Peeps!

So…Miracles do happen...I got all geared up to shovel a path to the street to get the paper and trash cans, and lo and behold… someone had cleared the bottom of my driveway and made a path to where I keep the trash cans. Neighbor Kathy must have brought the paper up, but pretty sure she didn't do the rest of it. Looks like a snow blower did it. All I had to do was shovel in front of my doors and a path to the driveway. I may even try to clean off the car later.
Wish I knew who the Christmas elf was who did the job. 😻

Puts the spirit of Christmas right out there!

We had only about 8 inches, but since we had next to nothing last winter, it seemed like a lot. It was probably more than 8, but when the sleet arrived, it pushed some of the accumulation down. Had trouble falling asleep last night with the sleet blown by the high winds attacking my bedroom windows. But, at least we didn't lose power!!! 😸
Hope all you guys are OK.


Santa with pets.gif


reindeer in mask.jpg


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@catwoman500You really are conscientious about the mask! Yeah, I know, do not throw stones at me. Remember, I wore a face shield for a while. I am very conscientious about 5000 IU of vitamin D, as much C as I can remember, zinc almost daily. So far so good. My lifestyle does not allow for much social interaction and I feel somewhat safe with the limited interaction I do have.

Our winter so far is very nice. Not much cold, not too much rain. Would like more sunny days though. Enjoy your days folks. I am enjoying mine right now somehow have come to joy again.

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