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MORNING ROLL CALL July - September 2021

MORNING ROLL CALL July  September 2021

Good morning everyone on this FRIDAY morning July 2nd, 2021. 

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@Frozenoem ...Yes, I heard Henri is headed your way. That's the one that we may feel, too. Hoping nothing left in the yard becomes projectile!

Thanks for the tip...I will ask him about UGL.

One of the friends at lunch today said her daughter lives in NYC, and nothing like what we observed today in the restaurant even fazes her anymore. You become used to the 🥜🌰🔩

Hang in!

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Good morning everyone on this Sunday morning August 1st, 2021. 

We are expecting a warm and sunny day with a high of 74*. Hoping everyone has a blessed new month. 

We have have been following the Olympics and very happy with the efforts of the US Swim team. As some of you may remember we have 3 daughters that are cooperative swimmers and two swam in college and one still swims as part of the Ironman competition.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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AMAZING DAY today!!!!  It is currently one minute shy of 1:00 in the afternoon, and not even the hottest part of the day yet.  But with the humidity, it is already 109 degrees.  I tried doing some simple things outside, and was drenched in no time.  UGH!!!   I've brought in the outdoor cats to the insulated garage so they can lay on the cool cement floor and have plenty of cold water to drink.  Set up a nice box fan for a good breeze, too.  I couldn't bear to see them suffering outside!!    Both have thick, long-haired coats and are big-sized cats. So it wouldn't take long for them to be miserable.

We are supposed to have very strong storms this evening, but then we've been promised storms the past week and had little rain show up.  So we'll see what really happens.

I hope everyone is staying cool wherever you are.  As for me, I am staying home on this normal day off, and hugging my air conditioner.  Cheers!!!


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Wednesday morning raining, tomorrow 90’s and heat index warnings in the mountains. Not something I’m used to hearing.


Trying to find a window for haying or mowing the grass, getting high out there.


One way or the other need to trim trees or mow today, no looking forward to either🤣.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, Porch Peeps!

We are in the middle of this heat wave, too. Temps in the 90’s, “feels likes” in the 100’s. I think my renovation crew may have overdone it yesterday…stepson texted last night to say they wouldn’t be working today in the heat. Yep, @RosemaryF433825 …it’s 93 feeling like 106 right now. So happy you took care of the kitties! 😺


Hopefully this will break soon and we can make some more progress with the renovations. Yesterday I watched as 5 men toted the support beam from the yard to the addition. They had to enlist the help of the dumpster driver! Lucky they had good timing for him to be dropping the next dumpster then.  With the tearing out of my deck, the back yard looks like a slum. And to think a few years ago there was a pool there. Hard to believe. Hope I live to see this transformation complete and don’t end up in the poorhouse. LOL


Lunch out yesterday was lovely. All the “white hairs” seemed to be dining out yesterday. Just looking around the dining room almost made me laugh. Maybe there was one business group in the whole place.


@Frozenoem ... It has stormed the last 2 nights here, but the sun has been out bright and early. You be careful out there especially since this ugly stuff isn’t normal in your area.

Even with all the rain, my flowers still needed water. I think one plant’s foliage is so thick that the rain just doesn’t get in there.

Lawn guys are perplexed…they never know if there will be grass to cut or equipment strewn all over. They do the best they can and can at least do the front, side, and part of the other side.

Y’all stay safe and hydrated!





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Felt like 106* earlier in the day, before a few thunderclaps rolled through the valley from 10 miles away.


Now it only feels like 95*, personally I’m dealing with heat , dew points and Canadian smoke by working inside with AC set at 75*.

The hay can continue growing for awhile, any desire to go outside has gone.


Perhaps tonight during rain storms that may be cooler.

The good news is snow and cold is mere months away.


Times like this Mainah’s dream of snow🤣, fly shots and perhaps a booster for Covid.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Bronze Conversationalist

I started out the day so horribly...HORribly....HORRIBLY this morning!  I lost my balance for one, brief moment when getting sleepily out of bed, crashed into my open bookcase, and sent a beautiful, hand-painted pot with purple pansies all over it and trimmed in gold that was my Mother's....CRASHING to the floor into a million pieces, totally unsalvageable!  

I remember dusting it for my Mom when I was a child, so it had to be over 60 years old....and it so reminded me of precious memories of my Mom and a song about "purple pansies" that she used to sing to me when I was sick.  I collected the pieces and put them in a flowerpot...still haven't the heart to throw them away.  

It probably sounds silly!  I mean, I can still have those memories of my Mom without that hand-painted pot.  But it's been even more of a treasure and reminder since my Mom died 14 years ago.   (I apologized out loud to my Mom for breaking it, too!)

Has anyone else ever had this happen to them...where something tangible with such precious memories got broken and was unfixable?   😥😪😓 

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I’ve repaired more than a few of my great great grandmothers iron ware tea pots, luckily broken by sister.

She did the dusting.


Epoxy and wonder glue were my friends, as was a bucket of sand to hold the body in Place during Re-assembly.


About the only things I still hold on to is wooden furniture,  harder to break, and my great grandmothers porcupine quill bag, made before she went to an indigenous school.


If pitcher is memory for you, clear pot (like Stretch mentioned) or glue it together to keep the memories alive.Doesn’t have to be useable, for use I bought a Brookstone epoxy kit with color match tints in 70’s, and  still have as reference, or original makers name.


Best I can offer for suggestions to keep the memories alive.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Bronze Conversationalist

@Frozenoem  Thank you for your suggestion, Frozen.  And your relating to my situation is comforting.  Unfortunately, there are so many shattered pieces that I'm afraid it wouldn't be possible to glue enough together even if I wasn't going to use it.  I'm going to use Stretch's advice, and put the few larger pieces in a clear container and toss the shards away.  I think it will do my heart good!

You've been most kind!  🤗

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Good Sunday to all Porch Peeps!

We got a respite for today…no AC needed…HOORAY. In the 70’s for now! And it looks like after the heat wave arrives, it won’t last until next Sunday after all! Wahoo!


@LaDolceVita …my eyes hurt just reading about yours. Hopefully this will pass soon. At the eye doc on July 30, I got the good news that there was no pressure, no glaucoma, and no macular degeneration, and cataract surgery is at least 10 years away! I did need to get new glasses which should come in this week.

I also hear you about the construction materials at your happy homestead. On Friday when the big truck pulled up with the lumber on it, I said that’s a lot of wood and my stepson said it wasn’t all ours, but for the price he had to pay, it should be. My stomach flipped as I know this is going to cost me way more than I thought.


Oh, @RosemaryF433825... I have tears in my eyes for you!  😿 Yes, please do what @MsStretch  and @Frozenoem advise. Don’t throw the pieces out! Then be sure to sit on the edge of the bed for a few seconds and slowly stand up. This is something I’ve had to get used to and it may help. I know it was a one-time thing for you, but we do need to be more careful as we “mature.” 😒

I do remember my mother being in tears when our cat at the time jumped up on the hutch and sent my mother’s antique English teapot to the floor in smithereens. I tear up when I break something as minor as a favorite coffee mug, so can empathize with your situation. Please take good care of yourself.

Here’s hoping nothing else goes awry with any of us!


I need another cuppa!I need another cuppa!



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@hey, catwoman!  Good Sunday to you, too!

We've got storms a-coming (supposedly, but I will believe it when I see them as we've been promised storms for two days now!! grrr!)

I got the old "you've got cataracts" report too.  In both eyes no less.  (Hey!  why settle for just one eye, right? LOL)  And the idea of having them taken off scares me practically to death.  When I use my eyes for my profession, I don't want to take the chance!!!

The doc said it would be awhile, although I'm not sure why.  Sorry to hear LaDolce is suffering from her surgery.  Jeepers!   Doesn't sound like fun at all.  

I'm off to the garden for some work and relaxation!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon everyone~


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@RosemaryF433825 , that is always a heartbreaker when something like that happens.  I have held on to certain things that were given to me or had some connection to loved ones I have lost and it gets damaged or broken, but I still hang on to a piece of it. 


This is going to sound very silly, but I have a small 'medicine bag' with 'special' amulets and spirit things that mean only something to me.  It's a small leather bag full of bits and some broken pieces and scraps, but they bring me comfort.  I carry it everywhere.  I am always 'connected'.


Perhaps you can arrange the purple pansies pieces in a nice clear vase or similar.  You will always know what they mean and that is all that counts.


So sorry to hear that happened, but hope you are OK.

Bronze Conversationalist

@MsStretch  Thank you so much for your understanding and incredibly sweet reply, Ms Stretch!  I don't think your "medicine bag" is silly at all if it brings you comfort and cherished memories!  I still have the pieces of the pansy pot, much of it was shattered in a million pieces.  However, there are a few larger pieces left that I could put in a clear and pretty container that would continue my "connection."  That's a wonderful idea.  Thank you!   I will do just that.  

I'm feeling not quite so shattered myself, but still disappointed of course today.  Thanks for looking after me.  😘

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HAPPY AUGUST EVERYONE!   Enjoy the last, full month of Summer!  Time to plant mums and asters!


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Happy August.jpg


Happy August, Everyone,

What is going on with the order of these posts?

 Also, I just tried to insert a picture and got this weird form that I don't know how to fill out.  Anyone else having trouble?

OH....OK...looks like I had to log in again for some reason.

OK...hope I am back to normal (or as close to normal as I can get) LOL


Things moving along with my renovation. 

Step grandson helping his dadStep grandson helping his dad


day 6day 6


Maybe I'll have the washer and dryer out of the basement by Christmas????


You all stay safe...we may be masking up again. 😒

I always carry one with me just in case.

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Hey @catwoman500 !  I haven't been around much at all lately.  Not because I don't enjoy everyone's company but just having some health probs.  Nothing "deadly" by any means, and not Covid/Delta related.   Just...stuff, ya know?

Got some meds from the Doc and changing my diet of too much caffeine.  Don't have to completely cut it out, just cut it down to less than half of usual intake.  Actually went through withdrawals from aspartame...the sweetener in diet soda. Bad juju that!  Severe headaches, dizziness, terrible fatigue.  Amazing what that d**n stuff can do to you.  Whew!  So my body is making some major adjustments.  Drinking lemon water till my eyeballs are floating, but it's better for me.  I'm being good!  

Hope everyone is doing fine.   Cheers!!

Esteemed Social Butterfly




Not a clue Re: order of posts, blame AARP gremlins.


If this appears after Rose’s post, it whomever you’ve replied to?


Just shoot me when I can’t drink my pot of coffee per day, easiest part was cutting out sugar and cream in it.


Still allowed an occasional DD great one loaded, for long rides.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Happy Friday, Porch Peeps,

All good things come to an end and it’s going to be our lovely week of perfect weather.

It has been unbelievably amazing to have this one oasis week in the middle of a Philly summer. But, the heat and humidity return with a vengeance over the weekend and for the whole next week. Another heat wave is coming, but that’s normal for here, so we were really spoiled with this past week. I already turned the AC back on. 😿


Today the lumber for the addition was delivered, more concrete was poured, and the second inspection was done.


@RosemaryF433825 …I sure hope you are doing better. It stinks to not feel up to par. But to cut your coffee in half? I’d really have a hard time with that, too. And I certainly can’t do what Froze does. Black coffee eats through my innards! LOL Had to stop at Starbucks today for 15 bonus points for buying a mocha.


@Frozenoem …love your cartoon.


Enjoy the weekend, everyone! It’s Friday so I get to have a glass of wine! 🍷 Wahoo!


coffee before talkie.jpg



Bronze Conversationalist

@catwoman500 Thanks so much for the good wishes, Catwoman!  I am getting there.  I got so sick of laying around that I went outside last evening and pulled weeds for a couple of hours.   Of course I could barely get out of bed this morning (heh!) but I hobbled around bent over until I could stand up straight.  

So life is looking up, and my flowerbed is looking better!


Esteemed Social Butterfly



Maine will get at least 3 humid days, as well pushing 80-90*. But not until next week👍.


This weekend is for renewing old acquaintances in town, olde home days. Masked you betcha to darn many anti-v’s will be visiting from R-states.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem   Our "Governor" has decided to let everyone forego wearing masks, although there are major stores that still require it...which is just fine by me.  It never bothered me.  I never made it a big deal.  And I think someone else said it around here, sometimes covering half your face is a good thing.  Now if there were just masks you could use on bad hair days...hmmm.

Hope you are keeping well, Froze.

Esteemed Social Butterfly



Bad hair days are made for ball caps, bill back for mullets.


Wool golf club cap for Autumn, Toyota for Summer,Balaclava’s the rest of the year.


Lessons learned from Pandemic.🤣



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Bronze Conversationalist

@Frozenoem   Thanks much for the cap info, Frozen!  👍. It's always nice to have someone around to care about the condition of my head!   LOL

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No notifications in my mail box from AARP.    OOPS, just checked spam box is full of them.  Our lovely summer continues but next week looks ugly .


I have a cataract surgery update.  Almost 4 weeks now and my eye is horribly dry, cannot see in the AM. I asked if I can stop the combo drops which are very drying, answer was no but I have to do them only once a day instead of two.  I do the dastardly drop before bed with the result that about an hour after waking I am ready to scream.  Otherwise I see quite well.


Visited the homestead last Sunday.  The basement is in and some of the framing is up.  I hope the shipping delays do not affect us any more than they already have.  The virus is hitting China very hard in some areas and the shipping is very much affected, or so I have read.


On the masks, I never stopped wearing it in stores, just a part of being polite I figure.  I read that the ocean is full of the masks.  There are masks discarded in lots of places they should not be.  Pollution has reached a new level. 

Honored Social Butterfly

@LaDolceVita , ugh, I remember those eye drops that seemed to go on forever.  I had a schedule on my refrigerator and when I reached the last day, I did the happy dance... twice.


After a couple of months, your eyes should 'settle down' and 'hit their stride'.

Esteemed Social Butterfly



I’ve been wondering how you. favored in storms day after your nephew began work.


Nothing earth shattering in Maine, preparing for annual town celebration and return of snow birds.


They get tired of Maine winters, and temps of 20 to -60* F with snow, might end up joining them someday🤣.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Trusted Social Butterfly

@Frozenoem ...Yeah, there were 8 confirmed tornadoes in our area and neighboring New Jersey, but luckily all we got once again was thunder and rain. A car dealership was all but destroyed and all kinds of crazy stuff happened. We did lose power for 3 and a half hours. I was worried about the sump pump not working with all the water collected in the tarp, but no water got into the basement. It did prompt my stepson to say we're getting me a sump pump with a battery back-up! 😺


Things are moving along slowly but surely.


Middle stepson is on his way home to ME after a brief visit to our area.

He surprised his brother and stayed overnight with them last night.

He lives in Scarborough now.


Latest from today:

Ready for concrete to be poured tomorrow.Ready for concrete to be poured tomorrow.


Hard to picture a bathroom and laundry area. I need a better imagination. 😂

Y'all take care. 😷

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Good evening everyone here on the Front Porch! Yesterday was a very busy day as I had to drive 50 miles each way to have a 10 year checkup on my knee replacement. They also  x-rayed the other knee which is showing more arthritis. 

Looks like my golf game is still a go

for a while.

We are looking at the full force of Mother Nature tonight from high winds, rain, hail and possible tornadoes.

Having friends over tomorrow to show them our appartment and go out for lunch. 

I'm agreeing with requiring wearing masks again every inside. I never felt that mask wearing was dropped unless eating inside. With the new strains the masks are a must inside. Social distancing needs to be enforced with possible fines. 





Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
Honored Social Butterfly

So with the new CDC directive re: wearing masks, I've got mine standing by.  Actually I never put them away.  Unfortunately, my county is in the orange zone (Substantial transmission), so here we go again.  😷


It is what it is.  So I guess this means I can go back to being an incognito slob again. 😁  That's my silver lining.  


AC has been on 24/7 here in mid-VA.  Humidity.  Humidity.  Humidity. 🥵

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