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Good morning to everyone on this first morning of June 2023.
Happy Birthday to all of our June Birthday members.





Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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(3 comments) 🚘🚗 That is SO AWESOME @LaDolceVita , you deserve it!!!!


Nicole 🙃

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@LaDolceVita ...Congrats on the new car! When I got mine last summer, I, too, was overwhelmed with all the tech stuff. I still get confused when I try to use my cell phone in the's the car that takes over the phone. I'm still talking into the phone like an idiot, but the phone goes off and the dashboard screen takes over. So confusing. I need one of those books like a "New Cars for Dummies!" 😸

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@catwoman500 @LaDolceVita 


If you can run a computer Vista? Or Mac ?, see know problem with either of you figuring out your New cars phones and smart dashboards. Least it’s not a used computer with too many Bluetooth phone settings. I Had to do a hard reset of my ex-wife’s used volt to make it see her new number and new significant others phone.


.@MsStretch @Spring2023 


I’ve only seen two crazed cats, one rabid feral and the other a Maine Coon beast, make that 3 almost forgot my ex’es aunts’ Precious 25 pounds of hatred toward everyone, except the aunt.


Went to see Uly today, perpetual care, even after 65 years is exactly that👍 Military did remember his flag despite being Civil War vet. 


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem  Not so much figuring out the stuff as not being used to the distractions of the all thelights in front of my nose.   OK, the large screen to the right I can handle.  The sort of pop up screens I see by the steering wheel take some getting used to.  Better today, still a little nervous driving it.  I do not plan on connecting my phone.  I  do not like much  entanglement and do not talk on phone when driving.

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Did not do much on Saturday.  Went to Costco to stock up on some nuts for snacks. Also got some paper goods like TP.

Mary went on a bus trip to do some rummage saling. 

Sunday we went out for breakfast with some friends.

This afternoon we had a visit from our oldest daughter.

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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2 comments (Sunday 5/21/23)


Thinking of you @DaveMcK , @MsStretch , @Frozenoem , @catwoman500 and @LaDolceVita 🤎🤗


Happy Sunday,

Nicole 🙃

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Hey, Porch Peeps,

Trying to catch up with all that has gone on since I last got on here.

@MsStretch ...I totally agree with you about the desktop computer. Soooo much easier to see everything and go back and forth between sites. I do need to upgrade soon as Microsoft no longer is giving me updates but am too lazy to go computer shopping. I have to have the desktop to do my Ebay business so sooner or later I'll just have to get a new one. I'm so used to where everything is on this one, I dread getting another one.

Have a Kindle Fire tablet that I got years ago and haven't used it in the last few years. When I got my Samsung Android in 2016, they gave me a "free" tablet which I never took out of the box and no have no clue where I put it! Would rather read a real book than an electronic one that I could drop in the favorite place to read. Cheaper to buy another book than another electronic device.

I use my android phone to text, make and receive just a few calls (still have a landline which I LOVE!) and take photos (if I have to.) Still use my digital camera to take the photos for Ebay. Also, when you are out with a group and we need an answer to something, it's great to just pull out someone's phone and say, "Hey, Google..."or "Hey, Siri..." 😸

I'm home so much of the time, the landline works best for me. It sits right next to me here at my desk and when I get a robo call, I just press "call block." If I just had my cell phone, I'd have to find it in my purse, and wait for the call to end before I could block the #. I'm such an old school person. 😼


@Frozenoem ...So how were those scallops? Yum! What no lobster roll?


So, on Thursday of all days, when it was 39 in the morning, my AC maintenance guys were due to arrive. I almost turned the heat up, but realized that was dumb since they were going to be working on the AC. So, I sat freezing and then became even colder when they blasted the AC. Geeze Louise! 😳


Hey to the rest of you all @DaveMcK , @Spring2023 , @LeeS4949 , and those who just stop by to see what's new.


Time for another cuppa.


sunday status.jpg



Have a good week as we head into the unofficial beginning of summer next weekend.




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Well for the first time in 322 days my laptop is almost ready to fly, finally replaced motherboard and cleaned it out, updates are long 12 hours and counting.


Debatable what the new one will be, have a Win11 calling my name and a Mac, still prefer my phone for handiness. Kept one Mac from late partners pallet.


Big screens are better than small for eye strain .

Like the ability the ability to turn iPhone and have a larger display. But still enjoy the casting to 50” tv/monitor with the 20/30 eyes. I’m sure whatever you get will work for you.👍



Memorial Day will be spent visiting Uncle Ulysses a CW vet and double-checking on perpetual care, since my planting will be in the general area. Maybe next year for Arlington,VA and cuzzin.


Enjoy all presently feel like Geo.Jetson every hour I need to check the laptop to see how it’s going and press the mouse button. Then leave again.🤣



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Spring2023 , why can't you use this site on your iPad?  I have no problem accessing on my iPhone.

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1 comment (5/20/23)


▶️***used iPad*** It worked THIS TIME @MsStretch !!!


▶️***edit @MsStretch , still have NO "access" to MY SETTINGS, had to ask for help with my NEW Avatar. Lol, but luv BIGGER SCREEN 💃🥳***


Thank you, Nicole 🙃

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🙌🎉Woo-hoo!  I bet it is a whole lot easier with a bigger screen! 😁

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9 comments (Friday 5/19/23)


Luv my "pet name" Froze @Frozenoem 😉


Thank you SO MUCH for responding!


Lol, NO more laptops/computers for me. And I will be giving my iPad a "bon voyage" (drop off at my old computer biz) - NEVER getting one again.


Already "stressing" out over my coming UPGRADE to my Android or whatever my daughter decides to do.


I got a "kudo" from OUR @LaDolceVita = thanks, GLAD you are still with us!/lol 🤣😂


@catwoman500, usually it is Froze who is MIA. Hope you are okay "dear friend" 🤗🤎


Happy Friday @DaveMcK , @MsStretch (appreciated your help last night 👍 )


Nicole 🙃

***edit 🙄 @DaveMcK , @Frozenoem , @MsStretch , @catwoman500 , @LaDolceVita ***

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Kudo’s say we live and are still alive, or great information, if not followed up by response.


Your call if you enjoy Androids, about all I did with them is hack to find owners, or recover after malware hits, trained someone for that before I left, refuse to do it again.🤣


Same as recoveries for i’s or Mac’s , micro surgeries are done, solder points and I know longer agree. Microscopes to 50” monitor are not for mature eyeballs.

Your iPad if it has the last round of updates including todays would be up to date and ready to serve you for awhile more.


Now, I’m off in search of scallops for dinner , I think I’m hungry.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem wrote:

Kudo’s say we live and are still alive, or great information, if not followed up by response.



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Enjoying the most beautiful weather imaginable, highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It has taken me a while to feel at home but I feel quite at home now.  Not saying I can find things and that I am organized though.  I could not read my own post so I had to supersize to avoid squinting.


I did sell the other house last month, into a falling knife.  Never have luck timing house sale, do OK with buying though.

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(5 comments) Lol @LaDolceVita , as usual, took FOREVER to find a comment here!!!😂🤣


Since I am NEW AND NOSEY - if you do not mind my asking 👍 what state was your old house and new house? 🤔


Sending lots and lots of 🤎🤗 for your "furbabies" - hmmm, dogs? And I know you also have your mom's dog from your recent post about her.


🐕Is her name Molly (too lazy to go find the post in this "black hole"). As usual, NO pressure to respond....


Nicole 🙃

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I had meant to post about mom's dog Maggie.  If you recall she had pneumonia a while back.   She left our world to join Mom, mine and hers that is, on April 30th.  Very suddenly she developed breathing difficulties and we went to the emergency vet.  The regular vet had told me there was strong possibility that there was an underlying issue so I was not optimistic, just could not wait till Monday morning.  She was not quite 12 years old.  She led a great life full of treats and hugs and she was easy to look after.


 I really missed her at first but have come to accept her being gone.  If humans participate in afterlife animals must too.





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(3 comments) I am sorry for your loss @LaDolceVita 😭


I lost Jeremiah a few years ago. He was my bestie and walking buddy. NEVER getting another, it is like losing family! 😭


Nicole 🤎🤗

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Oh I forgot to answer your question,  both house in Georgia 😎.  

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(1 comment) @LaDolceVita I use to live in Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama


That is were Jeremiah 🐕 and myself use to walk for hours.


He was a Jack Russell Terrier = IF you do not "tire" them out = they will "tear" stuff up/lol 😂🤣


WE were good for each other as my ex's son NEVER came back for him. Was shipped overseas, Air Force. Returned and it was like he and his wife FORGOT about Jeremiah. 😭


And my ex (a piece of work) DIDNOT care if he ate, got his shots and got some cuddling. I left 3 times, BUT came back 2 times KNOWING Jeremiah NEEDED me. 👍


Anyway, with Jeremiah gone, the 3rd TIME I packed up while my ex was sleeping and headed BACK to Florida to HIDE. Lol, when he woke up from his "weed and alcohol" and figured out I and the car were GONE - he texted "You gone?".


I have yet to ANSWER! 😉


Nicole 🐕

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@Spring2023   That was funny to read, about your ex, but I am sure not funny while living that way.

We are having such lovely weather here, will go into the 40s tonite.  Don't know where the heat is, hope it can't find me, but I know better.  


I actually bought a new car yesterday, Ford Explorer.  Last car was bought 23 and a half years ago, Honda,  still gets around.  What a difference in these new cars.  Some "improvements" like keyless fobs are pretty sorry I think.  There are screens to distract you and all kinds of buttons which are confusing if you have not seen them before.  Have to connect to wifi occasionally for updates.  My washing machine wants to connect also, but I draw the line there!  But truthfully I am glad I did not wait longer to switch to the new tech.  I guess I am still able to learn it but maybe not for long.

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1 comment (Thursday 5/18/23)


Party Time 💃🥳, @MsStretch stopped by!!!


I hope @catwoman500  and @LaDolceVita do too. Miss hearing from you BOTH. 😉


I think Froze @Frozenoem will be sending me a BILL for "talking" his ear off/lol 🤣😂


Ms. Stretch, iPadOS Version 16.41 (a).


Hmmm, Froze, a DIFFERENT model number here. MYL92LL/A. MODEL NAME iPad (8th generation).


***an update @MsStretch , @Frozenoem - I am updating, iPadOS 16.5 at moment. It is being "prepared" 🙄***


Nicole 🙃

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No worries Spring both are the same, only difference is one had 32Gb the other 128Gb, and released in 2020, and replaced in 2021. But, still getting updates to the OS that makes it work.for security and protection. Considering it’s price point that’s a good thing.🤔


The only other thing that might be close would be a Windows 11 computer or a MacOSx. For the next life span.



I’ll be out in nature before snow flies next or within 2 months? It is Maine after all. At least work is making my brain function again, just need pt to work on my spine and legs. Sitting is an expletive waiting to happen.😎



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Spring2023 , under those same settings as @Frozenoem told you on your iPad, what is your iOS Version?  It should be iOS (or iPadOS) 16.5.  Eventually iPhones and iPads become obsolete, but not as fast as Androids.  Androids give you one OS upgrade and it's time to move on.  I've had my iPhone 8+ for a few years now.  It may not have all the buzzers and bells of the iPhone 14, but it still updates to latest OS and still does what it's designed to do, so I'm good.


There are definite differences between using Android and Apple and it's just a matter of playing with it to learn it.  Or that's what I had to do when first got my iPhone after having an Android tablet and phone.  Some of those old habits and gestures die hard, but using it is learning it.  In fact, I'd probably have to relearn how to use an Android again, it's been so long. 😁


Still love my desktop though.  Win 11.  Still like having a full-sized keyboard and big(ger) screen.


@Frozenoem , hope you're able to hit a trail soon. 🤞 I remember my first 'real' hike last year after my surgery/recovery was the BEST medicine, especially for my mood.  Even though it was a hot day and I was exhausted and sweaty, my spirit was definitely invigorated and energized.

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2 comments (Thursday 5/18/23)


Lol Froze @Frozenoem , it is no longer morning I think? 🤔 Being retired, all hours and days look alike to me! 🙄


I am sure iPad was older than 2020. 


***edit @Frozenoem , just got up and dug up iPad. Lol, thought date, model number would be on back - there is some "tiny" what looks like "writing" - anyone have a MAGNIFYING GLASS 🤣😂 Anyway, .....***


Yikes, I cannot believe you are having "flurries" 😱😱😱


Hey @DaveMcK , @MsStretch , @catwoman500 and @LaDolceVita . Happy Thursday 💃🥳


Nicole 🙃

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Made in 2020 start updating.


Several people on here use Mac’s and I’s and are former android users.


I’m now gonna play with someone’s entertainment center but, first a double expresso. Macintosh doesn’t always play nicely with Samsung or LG’s.


Feel a stack of 2” ribeye in my future. Only so many Salmon fillets allowed.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Turn it on > Settings > General> About > you should see model # and part #.

If you had a iPhone, I’d use magnifying glass on phone. Or take picture of back and enlarge with whatever Androids use , maybe 2-3 finger salute to enlarge.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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3 comments (Wednesday 5/17/23)


Froze @Frozenoem , I am with you on the retirement.


I am climbing my walls....🙄


Went to Walmart this morning. The "highlight" of my day so far. 🙄


Lol, you know any Sugar Daddys? 🤔 


I need one to finance my world cruise/lol 🤣😂


Anyway, glad you found an outlet and I will keep you my friend in my "thoughts" for your health.


Growing old is enough of a challenge without anymore help from other ailments. Takes a toll on you mentally.


July 2020, I NEEDED to retire.


May 2023, I am ready to do some "consulting" - not sure in what, but getting there! 😉


@DaveMcK , @MsStretch , @catwoman500 and @LaDolceVita Happy Wednesday 🥳💃


Nicole 🙃

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Morning all it was. Cold last night with flurries,,today working on sunshine at 56*. Awaiting calls from Doc’s and promised one ,I’d go full MA H if I didn’t get pain relief. @Lee would be the only one to catch that cryptic remark.


Sitting in mud room and trying to warm up, checking out tents with stove jacks, for camping.,Want to find one that would allow ez setup and heat in winter, figure I won’t always have access to camps.Or be able to run chainsaws or mauls/axes to split firewood in exchange to stay at camps.


Re: Sugar anything, find me a momma we’ll talk.🤣

Re: iPads they’re great when they work 2020’s are new enough that you shouldn’t have issues with them, unless that’s just the date purchased.


Thanx for reminding me of iPads I need to scatter ex-partner presently next to my dogs, haven’t been upcountry in awhile, and all 3 were happiest there.My last I everything minus my phone was finally moved on to new homes , prior to retirement.


Have a good day


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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lol !!!!

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