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I read a short article recently that stated the younger generation might never know what "High Beams" are in the not too distant future due to so many newer cars having automatic adaptive headlights. While I did have a short experience driving a car with the feature (and I really liked it) I got to thinking about other phrases that I wish would be forgotten in the coming generations.


While things like pre-existing medical conditions came to mind other things I thought about also phrases that have new meanings. The term "Foreign Actors" came to mind. Seldom does this refer to Hollywood anymore. Time was, maybe the biggest Buttinsky in our lives was our well meaning in-laws. With social media now meddling in more lives than any in-law ever could, do we really recognize it when it is happening and the wide ranging intentions behind it? 


I guess the phrase I wish more than any other could be lost from our lives and the lives of our children is "Mutually Assured Destruction". Since inception, I believe this concept truly kept us safe. But as a future strategy, with so many more players at the table, some of which have ideologies of other than peaceful co-existence, is it time for a new plan?




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