Haven't been able to login for 3 years since email address change

I haven't been able to login to AARP for 3 years since I changed my email address.  I get email to my new address but cannot use the website.  This has been "fixed" twice by phone tech support but the problem returned the next time I used my ID.  The computer does not recognize SMS codes on my phone to change the password or fix the email as being valid even when entered multiple times and new ones resent.

Would getting a totally new account help or should I just let my membership expire this year?  Any experience out there?  Thanks.

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@TerryT797576 It's time to get this fixed! I tried to send you a private message to get more info but it looks like you haven't enabled private messaging yet. Check out the details to enable private messages here: If you'd like to give us a call for more assistance, we can be reached at 1-888-OUR-AARP (1-888-687-2277). You do not have to get a totally new account or let your membership expire, we can get this resolved for you!


It appears that to use private messages, you must sign in.  I can't do that.


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@TerryT797576 You are actually signed in to the Community site already! That's how you are able to post on this thread. The steps to enable private messages can be found here:

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