Forced Barclays Mastercard on members

We recently were forced to change our AARP Chase credit card to the AARP Barclays Mastercard which was a complete disaster. We could not get answers from Chase, Barclays or AARP. waited hours on hold with no results.
The Barclays card is inferior to most cards out there and if we actually wanted their card you can go directly to them and get $100 bonus but not if going through AARP.
I have cancelled the Barclays card and will likely never take another AARP promoted product when you so blatantly force your customer to bare the brunt of the inconvenience and expense of making this unwanted change.
I will seriously consider not renewing my membership.


I agree with you.  I was not happy when AARP switched to Barclays because I was so happy with Chase.  I just had an incident with a fraud charge on my card and waited on hold for well over two hours. They are overnighting me a new card but I will be changing credit cards and never want to do business with Barclays again.

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I remember how my husband and I held on for hours to contact Barclays. I did an online activation, but some information was deemed wrong. When we finally got through, I established an online account. I noticed that I had 2 charges on there that I never purchased. I filed a report and eventually was given a credit for them. When I tried to use the card, it was declined, so I had to get another one. After that, I paid off my balance from Chase and never use it. Maybe I'll charge a cup of coffee on it. 

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I had a similar nightmarish experience trying to activate my card. My SS# was incorrect and all communication options seemed to require entering that info to move forward. Finally did identify a person who allegedly corrected this (after literally hours on hold with them). But now my card was declined when I went to use it. Going to try to check that out today, but will be looking to transfer balances and close this card permanently. Too bad, as I like others on this thread, have had my card for years with no issues. AARP really did not make a good decision in choosing to make this change. 



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